PSY 665 Topic 3 DQ 1

PSY 665 Topic 3 DQ 1


it is not fair for an employee to require that only english be spoken in the work place as:

If employees are advised not to speak their native language at work, they may feel discriminated against. Even if the logic for the English-only regulation is sound, this is true. As a result, the state encourages firms to search for alternatives to English-only policies before enacting them. This means that if there is another approach to assure workplace safety and efficiency that does not require language limitations or any other discriminatory practice, the employer should adopt it rather than imposing an English-only regulation.s.

Some employers are aware that there are alternatives to English-only policies, but they opt to implement English-only policies regardless. If this occurs, the employer may be held accountable for discrimination based on national origin. This is because the employer opted to impose a discriminatory rule when a non-discriminatory option would have accomplished the same result.


Regardless of the legal issues, do you feel it is fair for an employer to require that only English be spoken in the workplace? Why or why not?


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