PSY 665 Topic 4 DQ 1

PSY 665 Topic 4 DQ 1


1. Emphasize the positive within the negative.

Don’t bother writing: Mike will promptly and courteously react to all customer issues. Instead, write: Mike will ensure that every client feels linked to every phase of every project by taking personal responsibility for generating same-day voice or e-mail responses to all customer inquiries.

2. Couch your criticism in terms of the shared greater good rather than framing it as a personal indictment.

Writing Carla will commit to making crossfunctional collaboration a priority, along with her counterparts in other product groups, is likely to produce less hostility—and better results—than writing Carla will refrain from engaging in territorial disputes with her counterparts in other product groups.

3. Enlist your employee as an ally in troubleshooting a vexing issue.

Koresh will help me identify the best solution to the problem of meeting outsourcer-driven production deadlines by preparing status updates every Monday morning until each project is completed.

4. Offer the employee flexible options in resolving a shortcoming.

You give the employee a sense of agency by doing so, and you also make it obvious that the choice isn’t whether the problem will be repaired, but how it will be fixed: By 2Q, Marika will have a firm grasp of database marketing concepts, either by requesting that HR enroll her in an onsite training session, taking an evening or weekend university course, or arranging extensive mentoring from a senior colleague in the department.





What can you do to reduce the stress on employees during evaluation but still make sure the evaluation is thorough? need study help?

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