HCA-255: Health Policy and Economic Analysis Care

This HCA-255: Health Policy and Economic Analysis Care course provides a broad overview of health-care policy and the impact of government legislation on the delivery of health-care services. Students investigate how economic forces, political trends, and shifting social priorities shape policy development that affects health care access, cost, and quality.

The economics toolkit is especially well suited to developing the analytical framework and evidence base needed to make decisions about the difficult trade-offs that are inherent in so many aspects of health policy. Of course, translating a large and impressive body of research into policy impact presents a number of challenges. Before getting into the current reform debate, I’ll try to define what I mean by “evidence-based health policy.” I’ll wrap up with some thoughts on where we’ve been more or less successful as a profession in achieving that impact, as well as how we can continue to promote the use of the evidence we generate in informing effective policy.

What exactly does it mean when we talk about evidence-based health policy? On both sides of debates, proponents frequently claim to have evidence-based opinions. A clear definition of what we mean by evidence-based health policy is necessary for a rational approach to making policy decisions, and it may even help focus the debate on the most promising approaches. First and foremost, policies must be well-defined; a catchphrase will not suffice.

“Medicare for All” is more of a slogan than a policy. That slogan hides deep divisions over the role of government and markets, coverage expectations, and cost structure. It may be a good way to show one’s political leanings, but the lack of specificity makes it difficult to evaluate the relative effectiveness of the various policies that might fall under that umbrella.

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