Discuss your use of a data extraction table

Discuss your use of a data extraction table

Your assignment comprises of two interlinked sections:
1. An integrative literature review (academic enquiry) on a researchable clinical problem of your choosing which is field specific and relevant to your clinical nursing practice. Having chosen your research question you must find 10-12 research based articles which specifically answer your research question, these research articles must include primary sources of evidence, however you may also include a maximum of 2 secondary sources of evidence. Having thematically analysed these 10-12 research based articles you must generate 2-4 themes which answer your research question. A minimum of two articles must support each theme.

2. The ‘practice enquiry’ component will require you to propose one clinical practice change based upon your integrative literature review findings, this section will be guided by Rycroft-Malone’s (2002;2004) PARiHS framework.  You must address all 3 core elements, evidence, context and facilitation within Rycroft-Malone’s (2002; 2004) PARiHS framework and you must discuss the patients/service users experience in relation to the core element of evidence.
•    The maximum word limit for this assignment is 6000 words
•    You will submit one word-processed electronic copy of your assignment
•    Please formatively run your assignment through Turnitin to avoid plagiarism which is a form of intellectual fraud.      Turnitin will highlight areas that warrant amendment prior to standard electronic submission so that you will avoid plagiarism.

Please carefully read and follow the detailed guidelines which are designed to help you successfully complete your AcPE project.
Abstract (150 words max: does not count towards the overall word count)
•    Summary of the review, should include the following subheadings:

o    Title
o    Aim
o    Background
o    Methods
o    Review Results
o    Recommended Focus for Practice Change
o    Practice Change Results and Conclusions”

Introduction (750 words max)
•    Rationale for study: this may be clinical, personal and/or theoretical (derived from academic literature)
•    Importance of review question: may be clinical, personal and/or theoretical (derived from academic literature)
•    Justify why an integrative review of the literature is important, and why it is the preferred research method in this instance
•    Qualify the review question, what exactly is your question about?

The integrative literature review method as informed by Aveyard (2014) (500 words max)
•    Clear search strategy guided by a focused research question
•    You must refer to your PVEBP notes here in relation to PICO, PIO and PEO
•    Data selection: you may include primary and a maximum of  2 secondary sources of evidence
•    Your inclusion/exclusion criteria must be clearly justified
•    Discuss the use of appropriate critical appraisal or CASP tools to support your analysis (Fully completed CASP tools are not required as appendix)
•    Discuss your use of a data extraction table
•    Data derived from CASP appraisal must be entered into the data extraction table under the methodological strengths/weaknesses section. Your data extraction table must be attached as an appendix to your assignment. The amount of critical comments you enter into the data extraction table is up to you, but it should be no less than 3 critical comments
•     your theme generation table must be completed and attached as an appendix
•    You must identify 2-4 themes to encapsulate the main findings emerging from your 10-12 studies.

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