Write a well structured report to the GM Sales & Marketing

Write a well structured report to the GM Sales & Marketing

Advanced Management Assignment

Faculty of Creative Industries & Business
Department of Accounting and Finance
Bachelor of Business

Individual Assignment

Semester: Semester 2, 2015
Date issued: September, 2015
Due time and date: Submission by Week 11, 22 October 2015 by 6.00pm
Submission The assignment must be submitted with a copy of the assessment cover sheet completed and attached to the front, both:
• To the lecturer at the commencement of class on the date specified.
• Electronically via turnitin.com by the due date and time. Failure to do this will result in a zero mark. Do not submit the cover sheet or the article to turnitin.
• This is an individual assignment.
Total marks: 100 marks in total for the Assignment (Assessment 2)
Weighting: 35%
Instructions:  Copy and complete the cover sheet (which is attached) and attach it to the front of each submission.
 The submission must be your own individual work and adhere to APA referencing requirements.
 Copying or plagiarism may result in disciplinary action.
 Refer to the detailed requirements for the assessment.

Objective of this assignment

The objective is to place the student in the position of a management accounting role within a business and to provide support to the General Manager of Sales and Marketing in cost analysis and in customer profitability. This is achieved through the use of information available from the public domain, combined with fictitious information, which reflects the information that would be available to a management accountant. Key parts of the assignment require analysis of the information provided, summarising and communicating to a specific audience. Some questions are open-ended to allow a variety of aspects to be investigated from the annual report and additional information. This analysis is also to be supported by academic literature to draw a link between academic theory and the practice of business. Completion of this assignment will give students an insight into skill requirements and responsibilities of a management accountant.

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