What is the relationship between “truth-in-sentencing” statutes and parole?

What is the relationship between “truth-in-sentencing” statutes and parole?

Directions: Respond to the following questions using complete sentences. Your answer should be at least 1 paragraph in length, which must be composed of three to five sentences.

1. What are the contradictory goals and competing expectations of American criminal justice?

2. What is the relationship between “truth-in-sentencing” statutes and parole?

3. How do “three-strikes-and-you’re out” statutes affect prisons?

4. With respect to criminal justice, what is meant by a “system that is not systematic”?

5. How does the criminal law reflect power relations in society?

6. How does the definition of a crime determine who is subject to criminal law?

7. How did the classical concept of a social contract challenge disparate justice?

8. Why can the concept of free will be seen as an oversimplification with respect to crime?

9. What biblical practices can be seen as a precursor to the concept of probation?

10. Explain the connection between abolishing parole and an increase in sentences of probation.

11. What is the system of justice expressed by the phrase lex talionis?

12. How does the social contract justify punishment?

13. What are the characteristics of the classical school approach to crime and justice?

14. What is the connection between the classical concept of free will and mens rea?

15. What are the contradictions inherent in the classical approach to crime and justice?

16. How does Neoclassicalism differ from Classicalism?

17. How is positivism deterministic?

18. What is social Darwinism?

19. How is positivism related to a corrections approach to criminals?

20. What are the four levels of evidence?

21. In sentencing, what is meant by proportionality?

22. At what junctures in the system of criminal justice do probation and parole officers become involved?

23. Why would it be politically easier to build a prison than to staff and operate one?

24. What are the four levels and three branches of government? How does this division affect criminal justice?

25. What is the purpose of a pretrial hearing?

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