Evidence-based research is research that describes the information which you will use to make decisions either about patient care which is based on sound findings, not opinion. This clearly means that you should go extra to research on several sources such as medical journals which are published articles in either electronic form for you to collect the correct data and correct results based on the research and the conclusion of reputable studies. Evidence-based intervention is also known as a research-based intervention.

Evidence-based interventions need to be discussed and being picked based on particular issues which are illustrated by the target students. The process of identifying a research project which is being evidenced-based intervention involves the following; you should be able to identify the issue which is of concern thereafter you gather the data based on the issue and then come up with the goal towards that issue. Secondly, you go ahead and read more about the involvement on the internet as well as the books and the journal which will make you understand well. you should make sure that the intervention is effective after selecting them. Consideration of the quality of intervention should be appropriate (Oliver 2017).

For a person to have the knowledge toward the nursing research project one know the introduction part which involves the body of the nursing disciplines such as ethics, researches. Theories as well as the philosophies which will improve the knowledge on educational matters. The method you use in the research project paper should clearly indicate the correct procedures you followed towards achieving the goal like the systematic methodologies. (shearer 2017) Therefore, the results on data collection should be clearly outlined. In conclusion, nursing knowledge creation appeared through the exchanging of knowledge in educational programs.




Cairney, P., & Oliver, K. (2017). Evidence-based policymaking is not like evidence-based medicine, so how far should you go to bridge the divide between evidence and policy?. Health research policy and systems15(1), 1-11.

Reed, P. G., & Shearer, N. B. C. (2017). Nursing knowledge and theory innovation: advancing the science of practice. Springer Publishing Company.



Using supporting documentation from at least one nursing publication, describe how evidence-based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project?



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