Utilize the epidemiologic process

Utilize the epidemiologic process to identify a community health need or problem, plan, implement, and evaluate a group health teaching project to meet the identified need.

1.apply principles of epidemiology to identify a community health need or problem. 2. Utilize knowledge of stressors to identify a population at health risk. 3. Evaluate health care resources available to meet and identify health need or problem 4. Apply the nursing process to a community group. 5. Utilize teaching/learning theory in health education with a group of learners. 6. Apply current research in health education to plan effective strategies and content. 7. Apply the concept of community to a community project. 8. Utilize group process theory to plan project.


Evaluation of Community Teaching Project

Assessment: 1. Provide comprehensive statement of the problem using the epidemiological process including the distribution, determinants, and deterrents. 2. Incorporate at least four current literature review findings as a theoretical base for your project. 3. Describe community resources available to meet the need of the community in this problem area. 4. Summarize the resources and their effectiveness for the community. 5. Identify and summarize learner needs of your selected group. What are the learner needs of your group? Why does this group need your teaching?


1. Describe how the learner population consisted of the same individuals for all teaching sessions. 2. Describe how at least two class sessions were scheduled to implement the project and how all teaching group members were in attendance for all sessions. 3. List norms established by your group (your own group rules). 4. Identify and describe developmental and teaching/learning theory/theories used and apply appropriately to learners throughout your presentation. 5. Describe your specific planning process for your project and overall teaching goal in behavioral terms for your participants.

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