Uses of Data analytics in Healthcare.

Uses of Data analytics in Healthcare.


Data analytics is a ‘generic’ type of analytics that is used in enterprises to make data-driven decisions. Predictive analytics is a specific type of analytics that firms employ to forecast future results. Data analytics is the collection and analysis of data in general, and it can be used for one or more purposes.


Patient data, such as family history, smoking habits, and health issues, as well as other patients’ outcomes and data, are used in the majority of clinical use cases.

Uses of Data analytics in Healthcare.
Data analytics in healthcare is used to perform the following:
  • Predicting disease outcomes.
  • Predicting treatment plans.
  • Predicting benefits of certain drugs.
  • Prescription auditing.
  • Tracking patient prescriptions and refills.


HIM 650 Topic 5 DQ 2

Data analytics is applied to discover trends and patterns in health care data, and it predicts future events based on thediscoveries. Compare and contrast data analytics, specifically the use of explanatory or predictive analysis, that youmight employ for analyzing health data.

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