The efficacy of school health promotion

The efficacy of school health promotion


It is essential that schools promote health and wellness in the academic environment.

Schools are uniquely positioned to effectively shape many aspects of a child’s life, including their health and wellbeing. Schools should actively promote nutrition, physical activity, and health education for students. Furthermore, schools can serve as important entry points into medical care for children who lack access to healthcare systems.

Many parents have reported that their children’s school has a greater impact on their children’s health than their pediatrician (1). In addition, surveys of students have shown that they rank school nurses as one of the most trusted adults in their lives who provide them with sound nutritional advice (2). As such, school is the ideal place for students to learn about healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Schools have also been shown to be an effective way for children to access primary medical care (3). Over half of all American children attend school at some point during the academic year (4), resulting in an expansive network across the country that provides education and healthcare services. In order to continue these services and expand them, it is necessary to emphasize the role of schools in promoting student health and wellbeing.




The efficacy of school health promotion

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