The COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available ahead of schedule—and vaccine hesitancy will decline

WHO, 2020





Summary of the Prediction

This prediction is made in the backdrop of vaccine deficiencies and hesitation.

Sachin, (2020) makes the prediction that the production would increase to suffice demand

The world would return to normalcy upon vaccination

There will be vaccine hesitancy

Hesitancy will fade when those vaccinated get cured of COVID

Sachin, 2020





Knowledge-Based Explanation

Many more companies will achieve the requirements for vaccine production in future.

The production rate will also increase as many other countries will set up at least the manufacturing industries.

The COVAX program is also put in place to ensure equitable share of the vaccines

Removal of Trade regulations for ease of flow of raw materials will boost production.

Harmonization of the global regulatory requirements will ease production

Expansion of manufacturing capacity.


Callaway, 2020









Knowledge-Based Explanation

Hesitancy is the denial or delay in acceptance of the vaccine.

The prediction is likely to occur especially with information provision.

People will learn that those vaccinated do not get effects.

Also, people will walk away from their cultural beliefs in favor of the vaccine when informed of its benefits

The raging effects of the virus will also result in acceptance.

ABC NEWS, 2020









Scientific Management

The figure below show how increased production can increase output.

The prediction is in harmony with the scientific management theory, put forth by Fredrick Taylor.

The theory was informed by the industrial revolution, in which there was mass production.

Taylor opined that efficiency and, specialization and diversification would improve production.

In agreement with Taylor, Frank and Lilian Gilbreth focused on how to increase worker productivity.

Applying the above concepts, the production of COVID vaccine would increase as earlier stated.

Braverman, 2020





Scientific Management



In terms of hesitancy, the knowledge based concept can explain the projected decline

Kant’s philosophy on the knowledge hierarchy is based on use of information to arrive at decision.

The knowledge aid in appropriate healthcare choices.

With the provision of information, people will use it to make rational decisions about the COVID vaccine

This will most likely result in decline of hesitancy.

Daniel et al. 2017





Relationship Between Scientific management theory and the prediction

The theory opines for increased labor force.

Increased production by other pharmaceuticals in other countries would improve output

Cooperation among countries may also improve the production of the vaccine.

Harmonization of the regulatory systems, as proposed in the theory will ease vaccine production

Greater efficiency may also be enhanced as per the theory


Astley, 2019





Impact to my Professional career

The prediction has a positive impact to my desired career.

As a nurse, I will have enough vaccines for use.

Additionally, many people will not need intensive care services, therefore my work will be easier.

I will not have difficulty with hesitancy.

Return to normalcy will enhance my mobility.

Morin 2020






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