summarize a major Lean quality improvement project

summarize a major Lean quality improvement project

QI Assignment 3. A3 Report

Instructions: An A3 Report is a summary document designed to help you ”tell the story” of your Lean quality improvement initiative in a logical and visual way to use as a road map for continuous improvement. Read the following approaches and examples of how to complete an A3 report:

Appendix A ”Kaizen A3 Report” pages 212 – 213 from Executing Lean Improvements

Also see the Blank Template and Instructions on the CD-ROM in the Delisle textbook!

The A3 Templates from the healthcare Kaizen webpage

The sample A3 Report on this webpage:

In addition, several other examples and A3 templates (Word and PPT) are attached.

Detailed Instructions

The A3 is basically a way to summarize the work you have done in this class in a single (albeit LARGE) page. The A3 combines your initial VSM analysis with the PDSA and control charts (or other Dashboard graphics if you choose to develop them) and next steps. The example on page 213 in Delisle is nice, make sure to look at the template and instructions in the CD-ROM in Delisle.

The purpose of an A3 is to summarize a major Lean quality improvement project on one page. This can be used for review and update by a QI leader, by the clinical or management BHC, by a team (PCP, nurse, administrative) or senior leadership to evaluate all aspects of an entire project.

Complete your A3 as if you actually have a project in progress. I recommend you use the same projects from your VSM and PDSA/Control Chart assignments. Summarize the same results you highlighted in your Control Chart and PDSA, but focus on concise writing to present the most essential information in a clear fashion that will communicate to the reader the current status of the project and what steps are needed next for continued improvements.

Most of the templates use a PDSA in the first and second columns (e.g, Delisle template headings are: Background, Problem Statement, Project/proposal objective, Team member, Countermeasures and results. Add the future state VSM (the ideal state you are trying to achive) in columns 2-3. Add your control chart in column 3.

Enterprise Dashboard. You should also choose to create a bar chart, line graph, pie chart or other grapic for your A3 or in addition to using only your control chart. Review the readings for Enterprise Dashboard this week, and use Powerpoint, Excel or other software to create a basic graphic that repesents an aspect of your project.

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