Stream Of Consciousness

Stream Of Consciousness

Answer: Stream Of Consciousness


Definition of Stream of Consciousness

What exactly is a stream of consciousness? Here’s a fast and easy explanation:

Stream of consciousness is a literary style or method that uses sensory perceptions, incomplete thoughts, distinctive syntax, and sloppy grammar to convey the natural flow of a character’s extended thinking process.

Stream of consciousness; This style of writing allows readers to “listen in” on a character’s thoughts. In an attempt to imitate the complicated pathways that thoughts follow as they expand and move through the mind, the technique usually employs unorthodox terminology. It’s the use of language to replicate the “streaming” character of “conscious” cognition in a nutshell (thus “stream of consciousness”). Both the first and third person can be used to write a stream of consciousness.

Question: Stream Of Consciousness

What is a stream of consciousness? Psychology question.

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