[Solved] NRS 430V Topic 1 DQ  1

NRS 430V Topic 1 DQ  1

Answer: NRS 430V Topic 1 DQ  1

To further my education and work toward becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, I decided to earn my BSN. For the time being, I’m looking for a job in a hospital. I appreciate working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. I work with a lot of FNPs and admire them in every way. Their professionalism and knowledge motivate me to study harder in order to achieve their level of education. Since finishing my ADN program, the BSN curriculum has peaked my interest, yet life moves at such a fast pace. When a recruiter from GCU approached me who I had previously worked with, I saw it as a sign to jump right in!

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Some of my reservations about completing the program stem from the fact that it is largely online. I’m concerned about remaining on track. I haven’t gone to school with a baby because I’m a new mother. I know it may be challenging at times to balance family life and school, but I am certain that I will be able to manage my time appropriately. I also believe that writing papers are not my strong te. The numerous tools accessible at GCU for preparing papers alleviates some of my concerns. My papers are the hardest for me to write. I am optimistic that this program will assist me in mastering these abilities and preparing me for higher studies.

Because all seven behaviors are incredibly advantageous, the article “7 Behaviors of Highly Effective Nursing Students” will be extremely valuable in the BSN program. I believe I managed some of these adequately in nursing school; however, I had fewer responsibilities at the time. I was really fortunate to have a supportive spouse and parents, as well as no little children on whom I could rely. Things are a little different this time, though. Because it deals with focus and removing distractions, this will be my most hardest job.


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Question: NRS 430V Topic 1 DQ  1

Discuss why you have decided to complete your BSN at this time, and the concerns you have about completing your baccalaureate degree. Based on the readings in the course materials, what strategies can you implement to be a successful student?

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