SOC 220 Week 1 Discussion 1

SOC 220 Week 1 Discussion 1


Social problems, defined as negative and unwanted social conditions that usually involve a widespread sense of frustration, may or may not require a solution. It is important to keep the social context of a social problem in mind because it will help one determine the changes needed to correct or avoid the negative and unwanted situation.

Social problems are characterized as the human issues that cause social disturbances and undermine social well-being. One such issue is racism. Social problems take on different meanings across countries and cultures depending upon the context it is being examined from . This can be seen within the US where there has been a long history of racial discrimination within its practices and policies and in order to address how this social problem has evolved over time, it is important to understand what exactly makes up a social problem and how the underlying context influences the nature of the problem. Research is one way to study a social problem and determine the underlining cause or correlation.

A social problem is a widespread occurrence that when affecting a large population, causes disruptions in the daily lives of members of that population as well as substantial distress to those individuals. For example; teen pregnancy, pedophilia, and job displacement all cause negative outcomes for large amounts of people, and can cause great agony for the immediate victims. When identifying correlations with social problems it is imperative to keep the context of the problem in mind. The reason for this is there are very few situations in which the correlation between two things in a social problem is absolute. For example; one common target for many educators promoting healthy eating is fast food companies. This can be an effective target because fast food companies are often blamed for high obesity rates and other health issues, most students are unaware of how or why there fat or what can be done about it so promoting healthy eating can be made easier by selling it to kids as prevention against the targeted social disease fat people who eat fast food a lot get…

A social problem is any human difference that causes personal or social conflict. Examples of social problems include: discrimination (example race, gender, and age), pollution, alcoholism, drug use, crime and violence, and many other issues which can be either a personal or social problem.   In order to effectively analyze a company’s products, its important to keep in mind the social context in which they will be used. When a new product is introduced into society it instantly starts to change the way things are done around that product by changing the way people have been behaving until that time. For example when cars were first introduced they were basically these large vehicles that people had no idea how to use them so it was necessary for there to be courses in how to operate one before you were allowed to drive one. Another thing that was necessary for drivers to do was develop skills for not running into each other when driving on the road at high speeds. These incidents provide a clear point where society had already started to change due to someone coming up with an invention called a car.

A social problem is any event or condition in a society at any time that causes or threatens harm to individuals and/or groups of people in that society, and that can be considered unjust and unfair. Social problems reflect factors of race, class, religion, gender, ethnicity and so on. Social problems can occur anywhere, regardless of wealth or status. Correlation is a statistical measure of the relationship between two variables. Analysis involves the use of research to identify one or more causal factors for a social problem. Without understanding the context in which a problem occurs, it would be impossible to fix it.

A social problem can be defined as a situation in which a group or society faces challenges they are unable to solve by themselves.

As you sit at your desk, relaxing after a long day of work, you think to yourself, what do I have that I can get myself into? As your mind explores its options you suddenly have the inexplicable urge to pour a bucket of paint on a homeless man. You are compelled by some force to do this. You are not in control of your own actions.




What is a social problem? Explain why it is important to keep the social context of the social problem in mind when analyzing the problem for a cause or correlation. Explain how research is used to describe the social context of a social problem.

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