SOC 102 Topic 4 Discussion 2

SOC 102 Topic 4 Discussion 2


The most important societal task would be family. Family is the starting point for all societal tasks, which are: -socialization from birth to death -education from preschool to university -health and disease -work and leisure -economic inequality

So we all need to breath right. The social institution that allows us to breathe is the respiratory system. The respiratory system is a part of the body. It consists of stuff like the lung and rib cage, which are both organs. An organ allows you to do a task on its own which is breathing (they use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide). If a lung was not there we could not breathe and would die.


Select three societal tasks from Chart 6-1 in Our Social World: An Introduction to Sociology – chapter 6, and explain how the related social institution performs the societal task. Can an argument be made as to the most important task? Share your thoughts with the class.

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