SOC 102 Topic 4 Discussion 1

SOC 102 Topic 4 Discussion 1


I am a father, educator, mentor, administrator, husband and friend. These statuses and roles hold different meanings for me in different settings. Taking into account the statuses and roles he occupies in social person, I’ve come to realize that my identity is not wholly contained by any one role.

Even though status and roles are fairly self-evident and easy to recognize, they are not always easy to conceptualize. The theory of social role and status is derived mostly from the work of sociologist Erving Goffman’s research on impression management. (Bandy, 2009) In this paper I will discuss the status system and its significance in influencing people’s behavior.

As a pastor, I have the status of someone who is in the public eye. Youth pastors have the role of producing and modeling Christian maturity. On a personal level, my status and role are connected. As a publicly vocal Christian, I must maintain appropriate spiritual health practices to ensure that I am staying on track with my Christian walk.

My status as a student at Saint Mary’s College has granted me with several roles, some of which include being a volunteer intern at a local charity, maintaining membership in the Political Science Association, and serving as a member of the Honor Council. These roles are valuable because they allow me to build a well-rounded experience for myself in preparation for my career field, and help bring me into contact with others who wish to pursue similar careers.

1. Student 2. Daughter 3. Friend 4. Peer





Provide two examples of statuses and roles you inhabit. Explain what statuses and roles produce for the social person, and thus, for you.

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