SOC 102 Topic 1 Discussion 1

SOC 102 Topic 1 Discussion 1




Steven M.C. silver and Joseph R. Gusfield explain why sociology is a major field of study in their book Understanding the Social World: An Introduction to Sociology.They say that it is because we are becoming more and more comfortable with technology. As civilizations and cultures become more connected, the number of people who have never been able to experience other’s values, beliefs, and lifestyles increases rapidly. The authors further say that humans are usually negatively affected by any type of separation from one another, which is why social interaction occurs frequently-to preserve peace, happiness, and trust within communities and societies.

The purpose of sociology is to analyze human societies and study behavior within them. Sociologists research the commonplace things we do as a social group and how it has shaped our world. Sociology seeks to better understand our communities to move forward by speaking about equality, stereotypes and racism. Sociology wants to see a difference in the way things are now. A better understanding of these issues can help better society as a whole.

Sociology is a systematic study of the ways that people makes sense of and organize their experiences. Sociology is used to describe the effect social life has on our behaviors and the impact it has on our individual outcomes. It looks at categories of people and structures that compose society, the patterns that develop, and the processes they use over time. This subject is an important one to me because I am interested in understanding human behaviors and how they affect others around them in their social world.

Sociology is the scientific study of social groups. It’s purpose is to learn about their actions and interaction with other groups. Through this study ,we can predict human behavior based on social status, socio-economic status and gender. I find the study of sociology interesting because I have always had a curious mind.

Sociology is defined as the scientific study of society. Sociologists strive to investigate social behavior, culture, and develop theories about how the relationships between individuals and groups of people affect society as a whole. They use data to determine patterns in social groups. Individuals interested in contributing to society by improving society’s well-being look into Sociology.

Sociology is the ability to understand and interpret human culture, social institutions, and interactions as well as studying the development of these aspects of life. It is a field that analyzes how people interact, groups form, and how society comes together. The social world involves the way people are linked by common characteristics such as race or age and individuals play different roles within their social network.

Sociology is a field of study that examines the ways in which individuals, groups, and societies interact with social structure. It uses methodologies like eye-witness testimonies, samples, surveys, and experiments in an attempt to understand why people interact the way they do. Sociology can also be used to study many different topics such as crime, family roles, race relations, and gender roles.

Sociology is the study of social groupings and group behavior. It is a systematic approach to understanding society and its institutions. Sociology seeks to understand all forms of human social organization, social interactions, and social institutions across domains that range from the interplay between individuals to larger systems involving gender, work, and power.

Sociology is the study of human societies and social interactions; how individuals, groups and social institutions interact. Sociologists explain phenomena ranging from the spread of disease to trends in fashion, from voting blocs to child abuse. It is multi-disciplinary with links to many other subjects including economics, geography and political science.


In Our social world: An introduction to sociology, look up the definition of Sociology. Write at least four keywords that correspond best to the definition of Sociology. Explain the goal of Sociology. Share with the class why you want to study Sociology?

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