PURDUE GLOBAL- MN504M5- Interdisciplinary System Approach in Evidence-Based Practice

 Introduced an overview of a healthcare system practice guideline, preferably where you work or have worked.

Discussed how different professionals in the healthcare system (Nurses, Pharmacists, Technicians, Nurse Educators, CFO, etc.) are held to this guideline.

Determined the level of evidence for the guideline

Addressed how the guideline is followed in the healthcare system

1.	Describe a clinical question as it relates to your practice setting.
2.	Identify the growth of this clinical question in research possibilities.
3.	Discuss journals that would be a potential publisher for your future authorship on the clinical question posed.
4.	Review collaborative practice opportunities as it relates the evidence determined in the database searches.
5.	Provide an overview of the guideline and the discussion in the paper.
6.	Write a 3- to 5-page paper using APA format.
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