PSY 575 Topic 6 Discussion Question 2

PSY 575 Topic 6 Discussion Question 2



I think that some of the main things that determine whether a mediation is successful are:

Mediation is successful when the disputing parties value the process and believe that it can lead to an effective outcome, which they control. The mediator is an expert guide and a skilled facilitator. They retain complete neutrality towards all of the parties, which allows them to become trusted by all. They hold complete impartiality towards the mediation and give equal attention to each party, showing them respect and upholding their rights. They ensure that the conflict is resolved on a voluntary basis- no party is forced into anything! Facilitators are known for being creative with the process and holding diverse viewpoints about how disputes should be handled. In sum, mediation is successful because those involved in it value its process and believe that it can lead to success; the mediator is vital in providing their expertise throughout and taking care of each party’s needs.

Mediation can be a successful tool for parties who need to come to an agreement. I believe the effectiveness of mediation depends on:

1) the parties being willing to give a little

2) there being real consequences for failing to reach an agreement

3) there is sufficient time for the process.

Mediation is effective when the parties involved are sincere about reaching a resolution that could temporarely satisfy the desires of both parties. When one party is not truly interested in making concessions, mediation fails to achieve it’s purpose. Another factor is the mediator – if the mediator decides to side with one particular party, this can make the other party feel like they are not being heard, or that their opinions are invalid. This would also cause mediation to fail. It’s very important to try to find a mediator who is empathetic as well as unbiased. Also, it’s a good idea for both parties involved to make sure they’re entering a mediation agreement with some faith in their dispute-resolution abilities!

Mediation is often an effective way of solving problems in a quick and economical way. Mediation is often successful when the parties are willing to make concessions for the common good, like making a stronger commitment to the relationship than worrying about individual gain. Half the time our clients don’t even realize that there might be another way, so we help them to see what their options are and then work with them to discover which one works best.

Mediation success is often determined by the open-mindedness of all parties involved in the mediation process. Without an open-mindedness, it can be difficult for any person to see the other side’s perspective or empathize with that perspective. The best mediators are able to put themselves in the shoes of others to see their point of view.

“Mediation is just getting to the bottom of things and you get there by talking. I want to listen, truly listen, to your needs and help you recognize that this can be an opportunity.”

Mediation is most successful when both parties are willing to negotiate. They must be invested in trying to find a solution that benefits both sides.

The process of mediation is important because it allows both parties to have detailed conversations about the issue, and have their concerns addressed. Mediation is appropriate if both parties are willing to cooperate. The mediation works best for two or more parties who are willing to negotiate in an open and honest way

Mediation is a lot like common sense. Things that are obvious to one party will not be to another party. The mediator helps both parties understand the other’s thinking until they come up with an acceptable solution. The mediator must understand the process and help both parties through it quickly and efficiently without being an impediment to their communication.

My parents had been divorced for 4 years before they decided to go to couples therapy. They had their first session, where the couple therapist asked them questions about why they were there and what they hoped to get out of going to therapy. My mom said she wanted my dad to treat her with more respect and trust, while my dad said he wanted my mom to be more honest in how she handled money.

– Mutual sincere commitment to success




What do you think are some of the things that determine whether or not mediation is successful? Why do those things determine the effectiveness?

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