PSY 352 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1:

PSY 352 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1:


We believe that, ethically, individuals have the right to choose when and how to die. Given the quality-of-life and end-of-life issues we are now facing in modern America, our current laws need revisiting in regard to this pressing topic.

Ensuring that an individual’s right to choose when and how to die is respected and protected is a priority for every health care provider. Your opinion is important and can contribute to improving end-of-life care. Please complete this brief survey

I believe that as individuals we have the right to choose when and how to die. This is a very personal issue and we should be allowed to handle it as we see fit. I am against euthanasia, but if we are talking about terminally ill patients that are not able to lead a normal life or have no chance to survive, I think it’s only fair for them to make their own decision about medical treatment.

I believe that all individuals have a right to the choices they make, including their death. End-of-life issues are incredibly sensitive, and all issues should be treated with respect and handled in a manner beneficial to all involved parties

In my opinion, end-of-life issues can be extremely important to your patients and their families. Do your patients know they have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing how they want to die? The best way to help a patient who is dying is to keep them comfortable, treat pain, and help them through the stages of grief.

Euthanasia is the act of assisting someone to die because they have a terminal illness or hopelessly painful injury. Over half the people in the United States support the right to die in certain circumstances.

This is a critical issue, and while many people have formed an opinion on the subject, very few have taken the time to consider the facts. Studies have shown that assisted suicide helps to end needless suffering of the patient, and similarly in some cases those around them. However, the cost of these medications is quite high, and this could push our already limited healthcare resources even further. That’s why we believe it is important for everyone to know about these studies and their results.

We believe that everyone deserves a life of good health, love, laughter and stability — no matter who they are or where they are. But more than six million people die every year without this right, and we want to change that. Dying is an important part of life. We’re working to help people live well until the very end, so they can make their final moments matter — for themselves and for their communities.

Euthanasia is a hotly debated issue and this would be a perfect time to express your views on the subject. The content and language of your essay should reflect an excellent grasp of the topic and should be relevant to the thesis that you state in the introduction paragraph.

I am very aware of the challenges faced by many people at the end of their life. No one should have to endure suffering, if they can avoid it. It is a privilege to be part of an organisation that focuses on supporting individuals and families in this situation and creating safe spaces for conversations about support at the end of life.

We believe that you can decide what’s right for your life and your family. With our services, you can gain peace of mind from knowing that your wishes are respected and honored.



 What is your opinion on end-of-life issue? Do you believe, ethically, that individuals have the right to choose when and how to die? Why or why 

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