PSY 352 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2: 

PSY 352 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2: 


Steroid use is not healthy for adults or adolescents and young adults. Adolescents and young adults are more vulnerable to the side effects of steroids than healthy adults, including effects that can be permanent, such as stunted growth.

Steroid abuse is a growing problem among teenagers and young adults. Many adolescent-on-steroids stories and personal accounts suggest that it can ruin healthy growth for the young user, stunt their emotional development, and rob them of any opportunity to participate in sports, which could potentially hinder their entry into society. But anabolic steroid use doesn’t just affect the user; steroid abuse by adolescents places increased strain on an already overburdened health system and costs billions of U.S. dollars in related expenses each year. Use of steroids at a young age also opens the door to the use of other dangerous substances such as cocaine and heroin, leading to a life of drugs and crime that could ruin anyone’s future. It’s time we had an honest conversation about the dangers associated with steroid use among adolescents because they’re becoming more worried than ever about their social status, likely fretting about how much muscle they’re packing in comparison to their peers; perhaps only a celebrity like Cy Young Winners Anthony Wiener can help us figure out what we should do about this problem.

Steroids give athletes an advantage by increasing their strength and performance. It is important for teens to realize the dangers of steroids to prevent future harm.

Teenage steroid use is on the rise. In fact, 13 percent of high school seniors say they have used steroids at some point. Many kids don’t think about the long-term effects of steroid use, but taking steroids can lead to serious health problems from heart disease to kidney failure. And it is much more difficult for teens to get healthy when they have severe acne or mood swings because of steroid use. It’s time for parents and coaches to learn the facts about steroids so that they know how to protect their kids.

Steroids. As a side note, this is a contentious debate among doctors and medical professionals surrounding whether the benefits of anabolic steroids outweigh their risks and drawbacks. The negative effects described are considered by some to still be worth it due to the positive effects both in athletic performance as well as characteristics such as muscles. These characteris

Anabolic steroids (“roids,” “stackers”) are drugs made from testosterone. They help the body to grow more muscle by upsetting the normal balance of hormone levels. Muscle growth is possible because steroids speed the development of muscle cells, and eliminate fat cells.

In the past decade, steroid use among athletes, body builders and performers has grown tremendously. Many users are at great risk because they mix steroids with other substances like alcohol or drugs, taking many unknown risks along the way. Steroids should not be endorsed as they can affect reproductive organs, cause acne, baldness and violent behavior. These side effects significantly decrease life expectancy and quality of life. Therefore, it is my recommendation that we pass this proposed bill to reduce use among unknowing users.

If you are a young athlete, or the parent of one, and are considering using steroids, I have bad news for you. You could permanently damage your lungs, heart and even your brain. Steroids function by mimicking the hormone testosterone. They activate cells in muscle and bone and can ultimately cause permanent sexual dysfunction and infertility, as well as heart attack, liver cancer and stroke. Even worse, they will lower your sperm count while raising the risk of testicular cancer. So if you or someone you know is tempted to try steroids to improve their performance on the field or court, let me tell you that there is life beyond baseball. And with good nutrition, it begins now.

While it’s true that steroids can improve athletic performance, they also have many potential side effects. Among them are shrunken testicles, reduced sperm count, stunted growth, acne, high blood pressure, liver damage, and certain types of cancer. These negative effects may be especially strong if steroids are used when the body is still growing or when individuals with health problems use them.





Describe the dangers associated with steroid use and exercise throughout the lifespan.

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