PSY 352 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

PSY 352 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1


There are many problems that affect our health care system. One of the greatest is the availability of health care. Generally, it is not available to people because there are no hospitals in a specific area. The few health care centers that are available are usually overpriced due to lack of competition and resources. I am going to discuss three major areas and their problems: private health care, affordable health care and psychology’s role in current research.

Through this paper I will discuss three current problems in the health care system. The first of which is that under private health care, people with medical problems often conceal their conditions because of the fear of being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Secondly, there are many new treatments and drugs that are too expensive for many to afford. In addition to these problems, America has a rising obesity rate. Each year more than $70 billion is spent preventing, diagnosing and treating obesity-related illnesses. Psychologists play a vital role in all three of these problems by performing research and applying their findings in the real world.

As health care problems continue to surface, so do solutions to these problems. This may not always be the case; in psychology’s involvement with health care over the years many new and refreshing ideas have surfaced, but have not been carried out as much as other research from psychology. Currently there are three major problems facing our current health care system.

Numerous problems affect our current health care system, whether it’s a routine visit to the doctor or a major procedure that requires hospitalization. From the perspective of psychologists, many of these problems are both interesting and thought-provoking. In this essay, three issues affecting the health care systems today will be reviewed.

The challenges facing the healthcare industry today are enormous with high costs, inadequate insurance, and increasing mental health concerns. There are three specific issues I will address in my paper: private health care, affordability and mental health. In the United States, medicine is very expensive for patients, private health care costs a lot of money for no medical advantages, and mental health is still a big issue today.

This is an interesting question to tackle. In fact, psychologists can be involved in health care and the way we are thinking about healthcare due to their expertise in the mind and behavior.

Psychology has a lot to offer the health care profession. It is estimated that ¾ of all illnesses and disorders can be treated or prevented by seeing the right therapist. Every year thousands of people are dying needlessly because they are not seeking treatment, often because they are afraid of what people in society might think if they found out.

Psychology has embraced the idea that subjective well-being, or a sense of happiness, correlates with physical health in multiple studies. Even though there have been major strides made in psychology over the past century, there are still many questions that remain unanswered and issues involving funding and research that must be addressed. Although finances are important in every walk of life, the topic will mainly focus on how the government’s allocation of funding has affected public health more specifically public health insurance, public health screening and public health promotion.

Approximately eleven years ago, a young psychologist by the name of Vygotsky suggested an idea that could reshape health care…

Perhaps most obvious, the health care systems in many countries are not sufficiently attractive to consumers (patients). In particular, there is a lack of private health insurance; governments do not compete for customers and market conditions are not adequately motivating providers. The situation is now critical in a majority of countries: in the U.S., 43 million people have no health insurance, despite paying taxes to support the system. A related problem is that most people still see health as a free gift from the nation to its citizens, whether they contribute or not. So it is hard to motivate individuals, and also hard to price benefits fairly when they are free at the point of use (as they are in many countries).

The field of psychology is involved in health with the three current problems in the health care systems are private health care, affordable health care and psychological health. These three problems have been very important in the public health system, since the population obtain the services in their healthy lifestyle or through the treatments or therapies that require to manage a chronic or acute disease. It is well known that psychological health disorders are increase rapidly because life stress conditions and low social supports, but there is a greater association between individuals who experience poverty, obesity, lack of education and violent crime. In this paper will be discussed some important topics related with mental illness such as depression and anxiety, substance use and problems, eating disorders and obesity. Research findings will be considered to see how could affects our social support and help us to better understand about their importance in our lives. Also will be discussed about how could we improve our quality of life and reduce the risk factors for developing diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

Review three current health problems found in the general populations of the United States using psychological models. Include common research and examples of each problem. Discuss the association with psychological models to explain why these problems exist or have become a concern for most Americans and any other countries involved in this information. Also, discuss how psychology is involved in health (in terms of training and education) to deal with these issues.

This essay will discuss the involvement of psychology in the current health care system by highlighting three current problems. The first is the issues surrounding open discussion of mental health issues, particularly in males and the impact this has on their access to appropriate treatment. The second is the effect that global economic downturns have had on global mental health levels, with a focus on children and young adults. The final section focuses on the devastating impact of climate change on people’s mental health, focusing on communities living close to or recently having been relocated from areas under threat.

Health is a major concern for our society, where lifestyle and environment are playing critical roles. To examine this issue, you may consider how to improve the health of the community. As part of your research, you need to explore and understand current problems in the health care systems and their causes. Explore the relationship between stress and health. Identify at least three medical problems that contribute to predisposition to illness.

Explains the role of psychology in health care and the issues and problems encountered by patients, families and health care practitioners. Discusses current research examples that address social issues and problems.

Across a life-span, people tend to take their health for granted until they experience an illness or accident. When it comes to an individual’s health, the psychology can affect how healthy and safe a person is, given the fact that psychology is involved in many determinants of health, including lifestyle choices (example; Smoking & diet) and fitness.With current increased awareness of psychological issues in health care.

Current issues within the health care system greatly impact how psychologists work today. For example, the view that medical problems should be dealt with solely by physicians has led in part to a lack of integration between fields. Integrating psychology into the healthcare system can help address issues like mental health, stress, and well-being that often arise in relation to physical health.

As psychological professionals, we are knowledgeable about the need for proper nutrition and exercise, as well as effective stress management. Our personal health is in our hands each and every day, as we make choices regarding sleep, personal care, and stress management. The integration of psychology into the health field as a whole has allowed for exceptional strides in understanding physical illness and improving treatments for both the body and mind.

Research has shown that social issues have a serious impact on our physical and mental health. In this paper I will discuss the correlation of current health issues to psychological research.

The current health care system is a complex issue. Many people are suffering and are unable to afford the proper health care. For example, My sister and her entire family have no health insurance. This business of payment problems has me very worried. No one knows what will happen in the long run to our country. When I look at other countries with universal health care, it seems that they have solvency issues and cost control problems as well. Also, medical technologies tend to inflate costs within the context of a largely unregulated private system while they simultaneously fuel demands for social coverage by raising expectations of what can be achieved through medicine.

There are many health psychology careers in this field, but the most common positions are clinical health psychologists who work with patients to identify and manage their symptoms. Health psychology is a practice discipline of psychology that is informed by research conducted within psychology and other allied sciences, such as medicine, nursing, public health and the basic biomedical sciences.

question: Discuss psychology’s involvement in health by identifying three current problems in the health care systems. Include current research with examples. For instance private health care or affordable health care.

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