Preventing Anorexia In African American Adolescents

Anorexia In African American Adolescents

How to Prevent Anorexia In African American Adolescents



If you know someone who has anorexia, you might wonder if you might have prevented it. The simple answer is probably not. Doctors are baffled as to what causes anorexia and how to avoid it.

They do know that if someone has it, they don’t eat enough food because they are usually trying to achieve perfection by being thin. They get symptoms that make them sick and may even put their lives in jeopardy.


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ways of preventing anorexia.

The following are some ways of preventing/controlling anorexia nervosa:

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Begin by understanding about anorexia, including the distinctions between myths and reality.

Speak with them.

Talk to them about your concerns. Also, don’t wait until their symptoms worsen. The sooner you bring it up, the sooner they will be able to obtain treatment.

Seek medical attention.

Encourage them to consult a primary care physician or a psychiatrist. They can keep their anorexia from worsening.

Give them your support.

Tell them how much you adore them. People suffering from anorexia frequently have difficulty trusting people. Go out of your way to demonstrate that they can rely on you.

Praise and compliment them.

Remind them that true beauty comes from within by telling them how wonderful they are. It’s encouraging to hear that someone thinks they’re wonderful simply the way they are. Create a network of people who can help you. Share your concerns with others who are concerned. Having support is the finest thing you can do for both of you.

Be their role model.

Eat and exercise in positive ways. They need to see you practice strong habits. They could inspire them to follow your lead.



how to prevent anorexia?

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