powerpoint presentation.

For this evaluation prepare a power point presentation about your health promotion initiative. The length would equal the sections of your paper. For example, if your paper contains 8 sections, your presentation will be 8 slides plus the introduction and references, totaling 10 slides.

1. Describe the health problem. Using data and statistics support your claim that the issue you selected is a problem. What specifically will you address in your proposed health promotion program? Be sure your proposed outcome is realistic and measureable. (1-2 slides).


2. Describe the vulnerable population and setting. What are the risk factors that make this a vulnerable population? Use evidence to support the risk factors you have identified. (1-2 slides).


3. Present your health promotion/disease prevention theoretical framework or conceptual model that would best serve as the framework guiding the proposal. Provide rationale for your selection which includes discussion of the concepts of the selected model. (1 slide).


4. Present your health promotion program using an evidence-based intervention. Include a thorough discussion of the specifics of this intervention which include resources necessary, those involved, and feasibility for a nurse in an advanced role. Be certain to include a timeline. (1-2 slides)


5. Describe your intended outcomes. Describe the outcomes in detail concurrent with the SMART goal approach. (1-2 slides).



6. Present your plan for evaluation for each outcome. (1-2 slides).

7. Thoroughly describe possible barriers/challenges to implementing the proposed project as well as strategies to address these barriers/challenges. (1-2 slides).


Follow the rule of 7 of professional presentations: Use no more than 7 lines of text per slide, with around 7 words per line. Explanations would be added to the notes sections or as a separate paper.

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