Patient Rights and Privacy

Patient Rights and Privacy

answer: A Federal statute called the Privacy Rule gives you rights to your health information and provides rules and restrictions on who can access and receive it. The Privacy Rule applies to all types of protected health information, whether electronic, written, or spoken, that is kept by individuals.

Who Is Required to Obey These Laws?

The entities that must comply with HIPAA standards are referred to as “covered entities.”

Entities that are covered include:

  • Health plans include health insurance companies, HMOs, company health plans, and various government-funded health-care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Physicians, clinics, hospitals, psychologists, chiropractors, nursing homes, pharmacies, and dentists are among the many health care providers who conduct certain business online, such as electronically billing your health insurance.
  • Health Care Clearinghouses are organizations that turn nonstandard health information acquired from another institution into a standard (such as a standard electronic format or data content), or vice versa.

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HCA 322 Week 2 Discussion 1, Option 3: Patient Rights and Privacy

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