NUR 621 Topic 3 DQ 2

NUR 621 Topic 3 DQ 2



What is a patient-centered medical home (PCMH)? Why is this important to population health? PCMH, or the patient-centered medical home, is a concept that was developed in 2006 and encompasses an innovative approach to primary care. Originally designed to target the future of primary care in the U.S., the PCMH model has spread across the globe. The model was created because of deficiencies in primary care time, expenses and resources delivered to patients, which resulted in some patients postponing or avoiding their appointments altogether. This may lead to increased hospital stays, added costs and a negative health outcome for patients.

The PCMH is a patient-centered medical home, not an empty slogan. It’s a source of pride for the medical group and an important part of developing sustainable healthcare delivery systems in communities. PCMHs keep patients healthy and out of hospitals by coordinating care across many different points of service — clinics, hospitals, specialists and pharmacies — all while adhering to evidence-based clinical guidelines.

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a health care model that provides patients with more access to health care professionals and helps ensure a coordinated, efficient and quality experience. With a PCMH, you have access to your primary care provider, as well as a full range of specialists and services, while also having support from registered dietitians, pharmacists and other medical professionals. In addition, a PCMH belongs to a team that works toward the best possible outcomes for their patients by making use of high quality data analysis and evidence-based medicine.

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a practice design focused on improving the quality of health care delivered to its members through enhanced access, care coordination, and structural reforms.

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) offers not only a low cost and high quality experience, but also gives patients improved access to needed services and better information to manage their health. The PCMH is based on the principles of primary care, early detection and treatment of disease, case management and information technology. This model is discussed in depth throughout the chapter.

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a team-based approach to comprehensive, continuous, coordinated and high-quality care. A patient-centered medical home improves the quality of life for patients by:

The PCMH is a health home model that provides comprehensive primary care, coordination of services across settings, and continued care and communication with patients. In order to support this model, it is important to improve access to care by developing payment models that include quality incentives. The PCMH is an essential component in the widespread implementation of population health strategies.


What is a patient-centered medical home (PCMH)? Why is this important to population health?

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