NUR 514 Topic 3 Discussion 2.

NUR 514 Topic 3 Discussion 2.

Answer: NUR 514 Topic 3 Discussion 2.

Transformational leadership might be utilized to address the concerns of the outreach committee by getting to the root of the problem and inspiring collaboration within the group. “Rather of imposing one’s ideas and will on others, transformational leadership focuses on empowering the team to work toward a common objective” (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). If members disagree with a recent position statement on the importance of spiritual care, they should look into it rather than just declaring that they would no longer support the committee unless the statement is changed. As a nurse leader, one method to facilitate this debate is to assist the committee build a vision by having everyone write out their ideal vision for the committee.

“To develop a vision, a simple visioning exercise can be used. Each member of the team should close their eyes and envision the desired end result. Each person writes the vision on a paper and then reads the statement to the group. After each member contributes, the team begins to identify themes, clarify what is being discussed, and identify areas of agreement and disagreement” (DeNisco & Barker, 2016).

The committee’s ability to work together will result in a huge change that will affect everyone. Collaboration among all members of a team or within a network can be used to improve a range of procedures. Malloch et al., 2019; Porter-OGrady et al., 2019; Weberg et al., 2019; Mangold et al., 2019). Being able to respectfully listen to one another can help to contribute not only to change, but also to a relationship. Your state’s nursing association has appointed you to a community outreach committee.



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NUR 514 Topic 3 Discussion 2.

You have been selected to serve on a community outreach committee within your state’s nursing organization. The committee includes registered nurses of different specialties. At your first meeting, it becomes evident that not everyone is in agreement with a recent position statement about the role of spiritual care, with some members arguing they will no longer support the committee if the position statement is not revised or reversed. As a nurse leader, how could you draw from change theory to address these concerns and encourage collaboration on the committee?

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