NRS 451VN Topic 2 DQ 2

NRS 451VN Topic 2 DQ 2



Strategic planning is the process of developing a plan to guide an organization toward its goals. It’s an important part of any organization that wants to make sure its efforts align with what it needs to accomplish, and it has a lot more potential than you might think.

In a health care environment, strategic planning can help you plan for future growth by identifying new opportunities and pinpointing where your strengths lie. It can also help you identify weaknesses or areas where you’re lacking—and develop strategies for overcoming those challenges. Finally, strategic planning helps identify the resources needed for success—and makes sure they’re available when needed.

One thing that affects future planning in an organization is how well the leaders know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. If they don’t know them, then they won’t be able to utilize their employees’ strengths or mitigate their weaknesses effectively. Another factor is how well leaders understand their customers’ needs and preferences; if they don’t know what these are, then it’s difficult to create products or services that meet those needs effectively enough to achieve success in the marketplace. This might seem obvious but it’s actually pretty rare: most businesses don’t have clear direction because there aren’t enough resources available to allow them to get started on things like strategic planning!






NRS 451VN Topic 2 DQ 2

Discuss the purpose of strategic planning in a health care environment. Explain what factors affect future planning in an organization and what tools can be used for future planning.

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