NRS 430 Topic 1 Discussion Question One

NRS 430 Topic 1 Discussion Question One

NRS 430 Topic 1 Discussion Question One

Discuss why you have decided to complete your BSN at this time, and the concerns you have about completing your baccalaureate degree. Based on the readings in the course materials, what strategies can you implement to be a successful student?


Re: Topic 1 DQ 1

According to NurseJournal, baccalaureate prepared nurses are typically afforded more opportunity for career development and advancement, possess more developed critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills, and hold a higher capacity to deliver safe and effective patient care (Staff Writers, 2020). For these reasons, I am pursuing my BSN at Grand Canyon University. It is also a requirement of my employment with a magnet hospital to obtain my BSN within 3 years of my hire.

My main concern with completing my bachelor’s degree is finding the balance among my work, school, and home obligations. I feel that it is crucial to be able compartmentalize my obligations (i.e to focus on my patients while at work, my studies while in school, and my family and personal obligations outside of both). I would be lying if I said I am not worried about my ability to do so.

The main strategies I plan to implement are effective time management and realistic, short term goal setting. I feel that, if I am able to designate specific tasks to certain times (like working on my studies after my children go to bed), and if I am able to set small, attainable goals (such as completing 1 assignment 2 days ahead of the due date), I will be successful in accomplishing my goals and obtaining my BSN


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Hello Jessica,

Indeed, baccalaureate-prepared nurses are flexible in career development and advancement due to the nature of their program. Therefore, people who are torn between attending to their families and pursuing their careers are comfortable attending bachelor’s degrees. Achieving a bachelor’s degree is beneficial for an employed nurse since the nurse understands the dynamics of the job market. As a result, the healthcare provider will ensure that the BSN program enables her to produce the best (Sellman & Snelling, 2016). Grand Canyon University is a recognized institution with good nursing programs and courses. Thus, undertaking BSN at Grand Canyon University is a perfect idea. The time at the university will enable a nurse to interact with other experts in the profession. However, it is necessary to manage time to ensure that there are enough family time and time to attend to class routines. Perfect time management is a challenge but having a good balance for family and class makes a nursing graduate from Grand Canyon University to be a credible nurse.


Sellman, D., & Snelling, P. (Eds.). (2016). Becoming a nurse: Fundamentals of professional practice for nursing. Abingdon, UK: Taylor & Francis.


Re: Topic 1 DQ 1

One summer twenty years ago, I was a student volunteer in my current job and saw the rapport between the nurses and the children. Being able to provide not only healthcare but also human touch to children and their families was and still is deeply fulfilling to me. I knew that working in a field where I could do both of my favorite things would be a dream come true. I am even more passionate about my job today, so pursuing my BSN will be a very important addition to the knowledge I have acquired in my career. To be able to become a better advocate, not only by habit but by knowing how to apply the new skills a BSN will give me is great motivation.

One of the main concerns I have about completing my BSN is that I have not been in school for a long time, so learning how to navigate classes online and getting back into the swing of things seems a little intimidating. After reading Tips for Successful Students I learned that getting involved in class, staying focused, and not being afraid to ask questions will increase my academic success. (Lake,2005)

My other concern is that because of the pandemic, I now homeschool my two daughters and help them with their own work. Although I am grateful, they are safe, having them home all day is not the situation I thought I would be in when I returned to school. However, I prayed about this new adventure for a long time, and I know that with God’s support, and my husband’s, I will be able to accomplish my goal.

I can see the support that Grand Canyon University offers, from online tutorials to being able to communicate with staff, all of which

NRS 430 Topic 1 Discussion Question One
NRS 430 Topic 1 Discussion Question One

make this journey less daunting. Being realistic about integrating family and work will help me get organized and achieve my academic goals. Checking my portal on a regular basis will also enable me stay on top of assignments and plan out my weeks. Reading the strategies offered by GCU, specifically the article Balancing Work and Nursing School (n.d. 2019), has given me a new perspective on how to achieve even greater success in the field I chose almost twenty years ago – a career I’m even more passionate about today.


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Lake, A & von Baeyer, C. (2005). Tips for Successful Students. Retrieved from

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Balancing Work and Nursing School


Hello Claudia,

I agree that BSN equips you with the right knowledge to attend to patients especially children. Your affection for children and your experience in volunteering provide you with the right aspects that should guide your selection of a bachelor’s degree program. Luckily, you have knowledge and experience in nursing. Therefore, pursuing BSN will be a good decision since you will be increasing your competence. Proper patient advocacy in children, for example, requires high levels of professionalism due to the fragility of children that are admitted to healthcare facilities (Ranjbar et al., 2017). Pursuing and getting good grades in BSN is a struggle that any person willing to become better must endure. Grand Crayon University has an online class that offers BSN. However, the university insists on full attendance. Family people are supposed to create enough time for the family and attend class. At this pandemic time, the university has shifted a lot to the online classes hence learners are supposed to be techno-savvy.


Ranjbar, H., Joolaee, S., Vedadhir, A., Abbaszadeh, A., & Bernstein, C. (2017). Becoming a nurse as a moral journey: A constructivist grounded theory. Nursing ethics, 24(5), 583-597.


Re: Topic 1 DQ 1

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a nurse, which was different because no one in my family was in the medical field. I became a CNA and learned very quickly that I loved my job. I looked up to the nurses I worked with and wanted to follow in there footsteps. So I started my journey into nursing school for my ADN at a local technical college. When I was in my ADN program the instructors always encouraged/pushed us students to go further in our education, as well as my managers at my jobs. However, as stated in Dynamics In Nursing “Regardless of degree type or specialty, all nurses must have certain traits to be a quality RN, including, but not limited to, empathy, compassion, mental and physical agility, attention to detail, flexibility, and stamina.” Dean, J. K. (2018) para. 30.These are the types of characteristics I seen in the nurses I looked up to, and the characteristics I had in common with them. This brings confidence in myself to keep going, and to fulfill my goal of obtaining my BSN and eventually my Master’s.

Even though obtaining my BSN is in my plans, I know it is not going to be easy. When I started my nursing journey I was single and had no other commitments other than school. Now I have a newborn baby, new house, and two dogs to take care of. I also have 2 jobs that I plan to return to after my maternity leave has ended. With all these obligations and time consuming things I have to commit myself to, I am concerned about how I can do it all plus school. One of my strategies I have implemented in my day to day routine is a planner. I am very task oriented, so by planning out my day or “checking off” the boxes by making a list, puts my mind at ease while also staying on track. By using a planner and writing out everything I have to do/everyday actives helps me manage my time so I stay on track. By making a list, planning my days, and remembering why I am doing this are the ways I plan on being a successful student.


Dean, J. K. (2018). Practice and competency development. In Grand Canyon University (Eds.), Dynamics
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Hello Natalie,

Becoming a CNA was a career-opener for you and a ladder to your dream of becoming a nurse. The fact that in your local technical college you got instructors who were pushing you to be your best was a plus for you. Your managers at your place of work realized that you can be a good nurse once you know your strength. Natalie, I concur with you that as much as academic qualification is crucial for nurses there are also traits that allow nurses to provide good nursing care. Thus, a quality nurse should be compassionate, flexible, empathetic, and have mental and physical agility (Goller et al., 2019). Pursuing BSN requires dedication and attending of many classes. People with families and other commitments outside class may have a hard time pursuing the course. Nevertheless, good planners can allocate time for other assignments after attending to their classwork. Grand Crayon University has online BSN classes for individuals who may be willing to enroll in online classes.


Goller, M., Steffen, B., & Harteis, C. (2019). Becoming a nurse aide: An investigation of an existing workplace curriculum in a nursing home. Vocations and Learning, 12(1), 67-85.

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