MODULE 7 Informative and Persuasive Paper

MODULE 7 Informative and Persuasive Paper


The final project for NRSES 3700J is a paper of about 1500 words (approximately six [6] pages). The paper is due in the last module of the course (Module 7). The paper has two purposes:

1. The first purpose is to inform the audience about a health issue that exists in the country/community selected in Module 1 and reaffirmed in Module 3.

2. The second purpose is to persuade the audience that a specified intervention (or interventions) would address the health issue in a positive way.


1. The paper is to be approximately six (6) pages in length excluding the title page and the references cited page.

2. The chosen health issue is to be compared to a similar issue in the United States (US). Use the following questions/topics to focus the paper.

2.1 Discuss the health issue in the selected country/community.

• What is it? • Who is impacted? • Why is the chosen health issue important? • What are the consequences of not addressing the health issue? • Identify the two (2) or three (3) social determinants of health that have the

most impact on the chosen health issue. Explain the influence.

2.2 Is the same health issue present in the US?

• Who does the health issue impact in the US? • Compare the size of the health issue in the US with that in the selected

country/community. • What is similar about the health issue in the two countries? • What is different about the health issue in the two countries? • Identify the two (2) or three (3) social determinants of health that have an

impact on the chosen health issue in the US. Explain the influence of each.

• If the health issue does not exist in the US, explain the reasons for this being so.

2.3 Identify an intervention (or interventions) that could address the identified health issue. There is no specified number of interventions required, but if education is chosen as an intervention it cannot be the only intervention.

• In what ways, if any, would the proposed interventions differ between the selected country/community and the US?

• If the intervention in the two countries would not differ, explain why they would not.



Module 7 Final Paper, continued

• Identify the connection between the social determinants of health, the health issue, and the intervention(s).

• Persuade the audience that the identified intervention(s) would be useful in addressing the chosen health issue. Again, education cannot be the only intervention, but it can be used in combination with other interventions.

Technical Aspects of the Paper

1. DO NOT include an abstract.

2. The paper must include:

2.1 A title page formatted according to the student title page information in the APA Manual 7th edition.

2.2 An introduction that includes a thesis statement.

2.3 The body of the paper supports the thesis organizes and fleshes out the main ideas, and topics are sequenced so the follow of the thinking/writing makes sense.

2.4 A conclusion.

3. Include a minimum of five (5) references. References must be no older than five (5) years (unless you are using a seminal or classical piece of literature to make a specific point). References need to be on a References Cited page following the actual paper.

Acceptable references include peer-reviewed databases, peer-reviewed journal articles, textbook materials, and any source that has been peer reviewed. References that are not acceptable include, but are not limited to: UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organization publications, insurance recommendations, and secondary clinical databases. Do NOT include the annotated bibliography.

4. Use the Times New Roman or Arial font in size 12; one (1) inch margins on all sides; double spaced throughout according to the format of the APA Manual 7th edition.

5. Use APA Manual 7th edition formatting throughout the paper.

Previous Assignments that May Be Useful

1. Choice of country/community 2. NGO Business Letter 3. SDOH Impact Analysis and Email 4. Introduction to Final Paper 5. Outline of Final Paper 6. Annotated Bibliography 7. Patient Education Materials CLICK on the link titled “M7 Final Paper Submission” in Blackboard to submit the paper. Points: 45 Due Date: See the Course Calendar/Checklist

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