Module 06 Written Assignment: How Correct Coding Affects Billing And Reimbursement

1. A 55-year-old female with a known history of varicose veins in the left leg presents to the clinic complaining of left ankle pain. No know injury is recalled. A short leg splint is placed for the patient’s comfort and to provide stability. She is advised to follow up in one week if there is no improvement.

The reported diagnosis codes were: S93.402A, I83.92

The reported procedure codes were: 29515, 73090

· Identify the error in the claim and explain why it might be improperly paid or denied (3 points)

· Describe how this error could be remedied (3 points)

·  Explain in a few sentences the impact of reporting the code(s) incorrectly. Think about reimbursement, compliance, coder performance, reporting, and any other processes that are affected by coding and claim submission. (4 points)

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