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DQ1 Kayla Machingo

One internal method for the dissemination of the early mobility change proposal is the house wide shared governance council. This council incorporates ethics, quality, and leadership into each department. It does so by each unit having representatives for a specific topic that research new evidence-based practices and aid in implementation. It is very important to have this large group of nurses involved as they are the foundation of Mission Hospital. More specifically, they can help advocate for the change proposal by requesting funds, creating newsletters, and sharing the new knowledge with other units. Being that I am apart of this council, my communication strategy would be more friendly and engaging, as I know many of the individuals. This would be more of a group bonding experience and could really lead to something great!

One external method for dissemination of the proposal would be the American Nurses Association (ANA). This organization has an entire webpage directed to mobility programs and aids nurses in mobilizing patients safely. More specifically, they advocate for the use of lift devices to prevent injury for the nurses (American Nurses Association, 2022). This would be an important foundation to have by my side, as this project involves a lot of activity from the nurses including the use of the lift device. Therefore, the ANA can be a great resource for providing mobility education and support for the nurses working at the bedside. This form of communication would be extremely formal and would provide detail about the project and its goals.





American Nurses Association. (2022). Health and safety.



DQ1 Virginia Gallardo

One important aspect is ensuring the dissemination of our evidence-based proposal, which can be achieved via internal and external methods. The goal of dissemination is to gather the created evidence and communicate it to the population of interest (Zhu et al., 2017). Disseminating such information can be challenging because we deal with multiple barriers affecting our healthcare system, like underfunding and understaffing. Internal methods include sharing our change proposal with the hospital board via email, individual, or group discussions. A poster or podium presentation can be an efficient means of sharing one’s scholarly work (Astroth & Hain, 2019). I have chosen to disseminate information through nurse leaders via unit huddles. Nurse leaders add information to this huddle that they want to discuss with staff. During huddles, nurses and other healthcare providers discuss any problems the organization has. This strategy allows me and those supporting my project to receive instant feedback as we see how nurses feel regarding the issue and the planned interventions to address the problem. It also will enable nurses to ask questions and have them answered promptly.

An external method for disseminating my evidence-based proposal may be through a professional organization. There are various organizations, and many health professionals turn to these organizations to gain new knowledge on evidence-based practice. These organizations hold various conferences allowing us to meet multiple nurses of different backgrounds and share information like our change proposal. Sharing information via an external method like a professional nursing organization will provide more access to nurses outside of my organization.




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Neoma Rice

For my change project, it is going to be proposed for a small privately own neurology clinic. So, the internal method for dissemination would be with the doctor and his nurse practitioners, who are all open about potentially implementing this practice of proper nutritional assessment and education for multiple sclerosis patients by nursing. I’m slightly troubled trying to think of what would be my external method of dissemination, but as I thought more I thought I could reach out to my National Multiple Sclerosis Society representative, Emily. She has a world of knowledge as someone who lives with MS, but she also works for the organization that has plentiful resources. I feel it would be important to share with Emily as she could provide me the latest and greatest nutritional recommendations that are being studied to aid me in helping these patients. Emily and i mostly communicate through email. She sent me an email today with new webinars of different MS related topics.

It has been founded that technology and training can play an important role with dissemination and implementation of an evidence-based practice (Novins et al, 2013).

Novins, D. K., Green, A. E., Legha, R. K., & Aarons, G. A. (2013). Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices for child and adolescent mental health: a systematic review. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry52(10), 1009–1025.e18.




Kayla Machingo

Evaluation will be important in the early mobility capstone. The main idea I have been considering for evaluation is having patients complete a mini- evaluation on day of discharge and then again 6 months from day of surgery. I was considering using the Microsoft team’s application which has a poll application that can be sent out to individuals via email. This e-mail is secured and would represent Providence hospital. This form of evaluation seems the easiest for both me and the patients. The poll can be no more than ten questions, can have a time restriction and can be sent to all the patients (Microsoft, 2022). Once the results are back, a PDF can be created which will be useful in identifying if the early mobility project was effective (Microsoft, 2022). After a six-month period, I can compare these results with audits from 2021 to determine if the length of stay was decreased by ten percent or greater. If the evidence shows improved/shortened length of stay, then I will know that the project made a difference in practice.




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