HIM 650 Topic 5 DQ 1

HIM 650 Topic 5 DQ 1


Can you think of ways to validate the information from SQL queries or reports, to assure a level of accuracy in

Does your company rely on SQL queries or reports to extract information? Before you place your next order, make sure the results are accurate by validating some of the information returned.

To validate the accuracy of accounting data, it is important to have access to raw source data instead of summarized information.

The SQL queries we have found to be the most useful for our audience are those that extract the

As a database administrator for Maverick Airlines, you are responsible for ensuring the airline’s data is correct,

As you can see with the query report below, there are several metrics you can use to validate that your

The following are summary information from our annual sales and profits from January 1, 2014 to July

The following tables and charts show a comparison of sales for the last quarter for each of our stores

The data provided in this report has been provided to provide background information about the organization that is being acquired and to facilitate the evaluation of their financial status. However, additional investigation will be required to verify that all information is accurate, and recommendations as to how this information can best be used will also be needed.

Good point, you are right! In most cases it is not better to extract raw data instead of summary information. Yes, I think the best way to present any retrieved information is using informative tables, diagrams and narrative, if necessary.

Do you work with SQL queries and reports to access information stored in the StudentInformation

It’s important to make sure that you are working with valid information that has been correctly extracted from source documents, spreadsheets, or database queries. This will ensure that the information is accurate and reliable. There are a couple of different ways that you can validate the information to ensure its accuracy and reliability. One way is to report the data back out in a table so that you can see how it looks and check

While the wealth of information that can be extracted from a SQL query or report is great, it can also lead to information overload. If you come to rely too much on these tools your analysis skills will severely suffer.

I think that the most important lesson that I learned about presenting data is to first validate the

The tables below list products sold by the T-Shirt Company and the prices for each item:

The Office of Strategic Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA) is responsible for gathering and analyzing data relevant to criminal investigation. OSIA analysts, of which there are several hundred, operate in one of 6 branches. Each branch works on a particular type of case.  For instance, analysts in the Cyber Crime sub-branch work cases involving identity theft, fraud, cyber attack and terrorist use of the Internet. The result is information that is balanced and comprehensive:

With sharp contrast and crisp type, The Proposal Book is a statement of power and precision, providing the framework for the firm’s highest-end proposals.







Can you think of ways to validate the information from SQL queries or reports, to assure a level of accuracy in the

results? When, if at all, is it better to extract raw data instead of summary information and what are the best ways to

present any retrieved information (e.g., tables, diagrams, narrative)?

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