HCA 699 Topic 1 DQ 2:

HCA 699 Topic 1 DQ 2:


Many businesses/organizations have performance problems that can be reevaluated to improve performance. A large auto racing facility is looking for ways to assess the impact of its advertising campaign and sponsorship program as they will be focusing on partnerships with organizations whose values align with the auto racing facility’s. The auto racing facility is also interested in understanding what prizes or awards would result in a more loyal customer of their program.

Research Problem: Performance problems and opportunities that can lead to ways of improvement are highly important to organizations.

Many organizations have performance problems, whether it is high employee turnover, inefficiency, high cost, etc., but until you really look into the problem it can be hard to pinpoint where the problem occurred and how to fix it. This project was an evaluation of the employee churn data from a technology company to better understand their employee turnover problem. Employee turnover is a major cost to any business/organization and understanding this will allow companies to develop better retention strategies for their employees.

In order to improve performance measures, the problem needs to be defined, analysis performed and solutions evaluated. The objective is to address this problem by clarifying root cause issues, determining a solution set of options and evaluating the quantitative results associated with each option. This will enable management make decisions based on statistical data rather than based upon opinions that may or may not be accurate.

in a persuasive tone: Creating and maintaining a great website is very important for online businesses to attract customers, it is necessary to reevaluate the website performance by analyzing and finding out what kind of users are visiting the site and where they come from so that they can attract more visitors and convert them into paying customers.

The research took place over 10 weeks where a number of methods were used to analyze performance and look for ways in which improvements could be made. Given the complexity of the problem and the need to make some tough organizational changes, it was decided early on that the best approach would be to construct the research proposal, select a number of tools and methods that are most effective, then start planning the project. This approach provides a methodology for data collection, analysis and suggestion evaluation.

Your business will benefit from implementing a policy to regularly measure the performance of your organization and reevaluate it where necessary. You can do this by including market research each year to be sure you are staying ahead of the competition. Increasing the number of salespeople will likely bring in more customers, but you need to make sure this strategy is effective. Measuring the performance of your salespeople will determine if they are meeting their goals and if they are not, then changes need to be made. A survey can help you understand why they are not meeting their goals and help determine where improvements can be made.

The concept of process mining has been around for several decades. This can be used to gain insight into the performance of complex business processes by detecting challenges and opportunities. However, in order to address these challenges, one must be able to evaluate process execution and identify features or events that can cause a business process to fail.

Performance reviews are often dreaded and not something the employee is ready for. Preparing for a performance review is essential to being able to improve your performance and getting the pay raise. We will provide you with a checklist of items to work on in every aspect of your job to prepare for the performance review.

The purpose of this project is to predict the future occurrence of a premium supercar based on a number of factors that are included in the process. The premium supercar is classified as a luxury vehicle, whereby the estimated value of the vehicle is more than 1 million. The objective of the project is to develop a predictive model that will analyze specific information to determine if there will be an increase in demand for a Premium Supercar, and if so, in what region and among which age group? If a Premium Supercar is predicted to have an increase in demand, then it may be profitable for a company to invest in manufacturing/producing it.

Too many businesses are failing to meet their sales targets. Yet most of the common reasons for this have been well documented. Having taken a closer look at this problem, we’ve identified specific issues that have not been addressed in any practical way by current solutions.





 Many businesses/organizations have performance problems that can be reevaluated to improve performance. Explain Research Problem and Problem Statement.

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