HCA 360 Topic 4 DQ 1

HCA 360 Topic 4 DQ 1


A performance objective is a measure of how well your information systems are achieving the organization’s strategic goals. You should develop three performance objectives that align with your organization’s strategic initiatives. It is highly recommended that you consult with senior leadership to obtain approval of these targets before developing an action plan to achieve them.

A performance objective is a statement that details exactly what you want to achieve over the course of a given year. A performance objective for an information systems department might include targets for customer satisfaction, new product development, or project implementation. While a sales goal could be written as “to increase sales by 20%.” Or it could be written more specifically as “to increase sales to 20 new customers per month by the end of the fiscal year.”

It is important to work with a performance objective when setting up a strategy for an information system. This helps the organization know the most important goals to reach and the direction on which to be heading. Some common performance objectives for organization working in health care include “Improve coordination of care by 25%” and “Increase employee productivity by 20%.” These performance objectives give the organization clear statements of what and why they should be doing something.

The concept of a performance objective is fundamental to the strategic planning process. Performance objectives are measurable statements that address goals and initiatives that may require a series of actions. Each requirement should be driven by a project or tasks to ensure that the desired outcome is attained. It is important to focus on performance objectives as they will provide organizations with the ability to properly track progress towards a goal by instilling measures that determine how each action contributes to a specified end result.

A performance objective is a short, measurable goal that can be achieved within one year. This is not just created from a simple desire but rather a strategic decision. For example, the creation of an information system for tracking scheduling would help us become more responsive to our variable demand by allowing us to respond more quickly than we might have otherwise.

Every organization strives to meet the demands of its customers within a reasonable time frame. This is a major challenge, not only because of the increase in data that needs to be processed, but also because of the increase in expectations from customers. Organizations need to make trade-offs among the different goals that they want to achieve. Ideally, organizations should want to achieve all of the goals simultaneously, but this is not possible since there are resources that can be used only for one or a few of them.





Explain the concept of a “performance objective” as it relates to strategic planning. Develop three information systems-related performance objectives for your department. Elaborate on what these performance objectives will enable your department to eventually achieve. (If you are not employed in a health care organization, refer to an industry in which you work or have worked).

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