Explain the importance of liaising with team members

Explain the importance of liaising with team members

.Identify an organisation that you consider provides quality customer service experiences. What service principles set this organisation apart from others?
2.What are the benefits of positive communication from staff members during the customer service experience?

3.What techniques can customer service staff use to anticipate customer preferences, needs and expectations throughout the service experience?
4.What is the value to a business of feedback from customers about their customer service experiences?

5.Identify a socially or culturally diverse customer and describe what their expectations of quality customer service experiences from staff in the hospitality, tourism or travel industries might be.
6.What are some different ways that the hospitality, travel or tourism industries promote products and services?
7.Describe a client reward system such as a loyalty program that you have encountered in the service industry.


Activity 6
1.What are the benefits of providing quality customer service experiences?
Activity 7
1.Explain the importance of liaising with team members.
2.What does it mean to use good communication skills to help you to liaise effectively with team members?

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