Discuss the Diet for hypertension patients?

Homework is due on Friday

Pls follow prompts and answer questions accordingly

Pls, state the rationale for your claims for every question.


Purpose: Summarize and appraise an article (Diet for hypertension) for bias and validity in a collaborative environment.

All answers should be done under each question segment.

Instructions: Carefully read, summarize, and appraise your group’s assigned article (DIET FOR HYPERTENSION). Be sure to state a rationale for your claims.

1. Identify and discuss the broader importance of the topic of the study as it applies to patients and organizations. (Importance of the topic: An outside source that explains why we care about these particular outcomes. INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR SOURCE!!!)

2. Discuss the nursing implications of the findings of the research. Consider the following questions:

· Were the results statistically significant, if reported? (Statistical significance: Are the results reported w/ p-values? Can we be sure that statistical significance (therefore, generalization to the population) can be accomplished?

· What is the clinical significance of the findings? (Clinical significance: the impact on patient outcomes. Was the mean difference pre-post or between experimental and control groups large enough for us to say this intervention really made a difference?

· What are the risks vs. benefits to practice of the findings? (Risk vs. benefits: What are the benefits to patients of the intervention? Think about potential risks…this is really a critical thinking exercise here, as most nursing interventions do not have a lot of risk associated with them).

· Are the findings feasible to implement? (Feasibility: Ease of implementation, costs of implementation, etc).

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