Discuss the basics of qualitative research

Discuss the basics of qualitative research

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Must use a scholarly source that is not an internet source.

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Week 4 Discussion

Select a qualitative question you are interested in investigating. Discuss the basics of qualitative research: what are the characteristics, what is included, what are the 4 designs of the qualitative type research, which type would be appropriate for your qualitative research question and why?

Peer post:

From Alejandra:

The qualitative question is: ‘Why do people find it challenging to quit smoking?’

The following are some of the characteristics of qualitative research: (Kim, Sefcik & Bradway, 2017)

1. Various sources of data- required data is collected from multiple sources like documentation and interviews.

2. Theoretical perspective- it involves use of specific perspectives to perform research on factors such as race, cultural concepts and among other factors.

3. Natural environment- this involves collection of field data from places where participants have real experience of problem to be put under study.

4. Emergent design- this is where qualitative researchers believe that qualitative research keeps on evolving and is dynamic.

5. Interpretive- this is where interpretation is done to according to what the qualitative researchers hear, see and understand.

Qualitative research includes collection and analysis of non-numerical data in order to understand experiences, concepts or opinions (Schmidt & Brown, 2021).

Qualitative type research includes different designs such as Case studies, Phenomenology, Ethnographic studies, and Grounded theory (Schmidt & Brown, 2021).

Grounded theory matches the ‘why do people find it challenging to quit smoking?’ because Grounded theory enables qualitative researchers come up with an abstract and general theory of any process, action or interaction based on participants’ views. In this case, people who smoke are the participants and giving their views about why they find it hard to quit smoking. This allows qualitative researchers general and about theory about this type of addiction.

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