Discuss Study of Personality

Discuss Study of Personality

Assignment: Discuss Study of Personality

Central to the ability to interpret and apply theories of human personality is our ability to understand scholarly research. Lecci & Magnavita discuss six methods by which personality can be researched.

For this assignment, discuss the method that you find most useful based on what you know so far, and explain why. Find a study in a peer-reviewed journal article that uses this method to study personality and discuss:

The research questions
How the authors used the method
The results of the study
Your reflection on what the study contributed to the field
Submit a 1,050- to 1,400-word (or 3-4 page) paper (excluding the cover sheet and reference page). The paper should have a minimum of two references in addition to the textbook.

Addictions come in many forms and almost always involve a complex three-way interaction between the person, the object of the addiction (e.g., drugs, gambling, chocolate), and the societal context of the addiction. This complex interaction raises a controversial social question: Is addiction always a bad thing? Although there is often a significant amount of social stigma attached to addictions, and popular media often focuses on the treatment and prevention of addiction, there may also be associated positive qualities of addictive substances and behaviors.

For your initial post, the class will be split into two groups. Please see below for your assigned topic group.

Initial post will be written on a specific substance that has addictive potential (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, ibogaine, marijuana, ayahuasca, MDMA) of your choice.

Begin your initial post by choosing either a substance or a behavior with addictive potential based on your assigned group. To create a meaningful and interesting discussion, it would behoove you to choose a substance or behavior that has not already been addressed in the discussion board. For this discussion, you must explain both the positive and negative potential of addiction to your chosen substance or behavior. Therefore, you must choose a substance or behavior that presents both positive and negative potential outcomes.

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