Discuss Aggregating Data in Health Care

Discuss Aggregating Data in Health Care

Discussion: Aggregating Data in Health Care

Information from SQL queries or reports can be validated using validation programs. Examples of these programs include those developed in SAS environment and those coded with the use of Microsoft Access Visual Basic for Application. The programs have schema systems that filter information. The process of using the programs begins with the development of a master table that has validation checks. They also have validation rules that information will be checked against them. Program logic is then developed where the information is selected based on whether they meet the program rules or not. Error trapping is then done to determine whether their rejection was due to system errors or not (Ma, 2019). It is critical for system administrators to run system checks regularly to determine the correctness of the SQL data. It is sometimes better to extract raw data rather than summary information in cases where there is a need for faster, comprehensive, and secure analysis of data (Braunstein, 2018). The methods of presenting data should combine the use of tables, charts, and graphs to enhance the relevance and meaning of the data.

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The primary reason for aggregating healthcare data is to enhance the efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services. Aggregation

Discussion Aggregating Data in Health Care
Discussion Aggregating Data in Health Care

ensures that there is easy access of the needed data by the healthcare providers for their decision-making. Pooled data also makes it easy to monitor health issues affecting the population, hence, the possibility of the adoption of measures that improve the health of the public. Healthcare providers also use the aggregated data for collaborative planning of care. Collaboration results in health outcomes such as enhanced quality and safety of care alongside efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services (Tan, 2018). Therefore, aggregation of data is important for the success of healthcare system.

Topic 5 DQ 1

Can you think of ways to validate the information from SQL queries or reports, to assure a level of accuracy in the results? When, if at all, is it better to extract raw data instead of summary information and what are the best ways to present any retrieved information (e.g., tables, diagrams, narrative)?

Topic 5 DQ 2

What is the primary reason and the need to aggregate data in health care? Explain your answer with examples.

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