Describe the components of SWOT analysis

Describe the components of SWOT analysis

Please answer the following questions in a short-essay format. Please include references where applicable. Total about 10-12 pages.

01. Describe the levels of management.

02.Name and describe the basic management functions.

03.Define the basic skills required in management.

04. What is the difference between decision making and problem solving?

05.Identify four categories of laws relating to ethics in business.

06.Describe the strategies organizations use to compete in the global economy.

07. Describe the components of SWOT analysis.

08.Distinguish between power, authority, and responsibility.

9. Briefly describe each of the following types of organizational structure: line structure, line and
staff structure, matrix structure, horizontal structure, and virtual organization.

10. Explain groupthink and its consequences.

11.Define job analysis, job description, job specification, and skills inventory.

12.List the steps involved in the evaluation of training and management development.

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