Describe how added sugars can contribute to health problems

Describe how added sugars can contribute to health problems

1. Identify and described the heritage of health and healing in faith based communities.

2.Use multiple resources to collaborate community nursing with faith based nursing.
3.Analyze at least three benefits of community nurses forming partnerships with parish nurses and faith based communities
4.Explain a nurse’s role as parish nurse in faith communities for health promotion and disease prevention
5.Explain how communities of faith may include Healthy People 2020 guidelines in program planning
6.Describe at least 2 legal, ethical, or financial issues related to parish nursing.


Submit your answers in a 3 pages Microsoft Word document. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.


Health Effects of Sugars – Module 3 – Discussion Board


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There is much discussion about sugar in the diet.  Answer the following questions regarding sugar and carbohydrates in the diet.


1.  Describe how added sugars can contribute to health problems.  Be specific and name some health problems associated with added sugars.


2. Identify the health benefits of, and recommendations for, starches and fibers.  Be specific and name health problems associated with the intake of starches and fibers.


3.  Describe choices you can make  in selecting and preparing foods and beverages to lower your intake of added sugars.

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