Community Assessment Part Two: Data Collection Tool

Community Assessment Part Two: Data Collection Tool

Subsystems (Policy and Government, Education, Health and Social Services, Communication, and Recreation)


Community: _______________________________________________________________

At-risk population:_____________________________________________________________

Instructions: Use this tool to document your assessment findings. Include a succinct synopsis in paragraph form for each of the assessment categories below. Remember to provide adequate depth and breadth for each subsystem of the assessment. Be sure to cite the sources to support your findings, and include your reference list.

Subsystem Findings
Health and Social Systems Subsystem

(2 points each)

Must Provide:

· Health facilities

· Providers

· Clinics/ Dialysis care

· Public health services

· Home-care

· Hospice /Palliative

· Long-term care

· Social services

· Counseling services

· Medicaid services

Looking at the location that has been provided in this case, that is Madisonville city there are different health facilities that are there, some of these include pennyroyal center, Baptist health deaconess Madisonville, Owensboro health Madisonville and many others. The healthcare facilities in this case are considered to have enough healthcare providers. Looking also at the city in this case, there are different and many clinics/dialysis care facilities, some of these include the Fresenius Kidney Care, DaVita Madisonville Dialysis Center, Ascension Medical group and many more that help in tackling diseases that do need dialysis. Looking at the public services that are also there, there are some of these in Madisonville city, some of these include Madisonville Sanitation Department, Hopkins County Health Department, Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville and others. When it comes to home care, there are different and many of these that do exist in the city, some of them include Madisonville Homecare, Owensboro Homecare and others that do exist in the said location (Acree, 2020). Some of hospice/palliative care there are found in Madisonville city include Green River hospice, Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Hospice care and many others. When it comes to long term care, there are different of these that are found in Madisonville city, these include Madisonville health and rehabilitation, hillside center and others. Some of the social services found in the city include Hopkins county child support, Pennyrile Allied community services, department of families & children and many others. Some of counselling services found on Madisonville include Cares counselling, Baptist counseling center and many others. When it comes to Medicaid services some of these include Cabinet-Health & Family Services, Pennyrile Allied community services and others.
Education Subsystem


Must Provide:

· Educational level

· Literacy level of community members

· Educational sources:


· Children

· Adult

· Daycare

· Library



The education level of people in Madisonville city is considered to be high, a large number of the city’s population have acquired education up to the highest levels of education. Looking at the literacy levels in Madisonville city, they are considered to be good, more than 75% of the city’s population are considered to be literate (TownCharts, n.d.). There are different educational sources in the city, these are always grouped in different ways that is children, adult, daycare and even library educational sources. To begin with, some of children educational sources include The Children’s House of Cincinnsti, Learning Center of Madisonville and many others. When it comes to Adult educational sources include the Adult Center for Educational Excellence, Adult Education in Madisonville community College and many others. When it comes to daycare educational sources, some of these that are found in Madisonville city include Christ the king learning and growth center, YMCA Afterschool program, camp pride child care and many others. Some of the library educational resources include Hopkins county Madisonville Public Library, st. Tammary Paris Library and others.
Politics and Government Subsystem


Must Provide:

· Local governmental leadership

· Politically active organizations present within the community

· Governmental facilities in the community (i.e., court house, jail, prison)

· Democrats and republicans voting statistics from last election.

In Madisonville city, there are government subsystems and politics that do exist in the area and understanding them is also very important. The city of Madisonville is managed by an executive authority and which under the united states constitution it is managed by the mayor. The mayor has the responsibility of enforcing the mayor council plan, city ordinance and other executive duties. In the city also, there are different politically active organizations, some of these include the Madisonville lions club, the Madison community council and many others (Acree, 2020). In the city, there are also government facilities in the area, some of these include Hopkins County District Court, Madisonville city jail, Hopkins county jail and many other government facilities. Looking at the political climate in Madisonville city, it is usually considered to be moderately conservative, in the last elections, statistics show that 25.4% of people voted Democrat while 72.9% voted for the republican party, the remaining 2% voted independent (Census Reporter, n.d).
Communication Subsystem


Must Provide:

· Formal communication

· Informal communication

· Cell phone towers

· Weather sirens

In the city there are different communication subsystems that are used when it comes to communication, some of these are different. Some of the formal communication systems in the city include Tv stations, podcasts and other social media platforms. Some of the informal communication systems that are there include postal offices. There are also cell phone towers in the city, some of these include Doyl E Pflueger, Joan Robbins, Gary Hall towers and many others. There are no standardized weather sirens in the city (City data, n.d.).
Recreation Subsystem


Must include:

· Recreation facilities

· Entertainment opportunities

There are different recreational subsystems in the city, some of the recreational facilities in the city include the Madisonville City Park, Madisonville City Park Pool, Madisonville skate park and many others. The entertainment opportunities that are found in the city include level Up Gaming, 2$vn0 entertainment and many others.
Assessment of Selected At-Risk Population

And At-risk population field work.


Must include:

· Unique health needs faced by your at-risk as noted in national statistics and in scholarly sources.


· Health needs faced by your at-risk population as seen in your community, through your personal/professional observations, experiences and information gleaned from the field work with your chosen at- risk population on health issues is noted.

This paper will focus on teens and young adults. This demographic has special health needs, one of which is that the medical facilities that young adults are expected to go to when they have mental health difficulties are costly, making it difficult for them to obtain them. Statistics from academic resources also suggest that there is less understanding on what young people should do to ensure they know where to go when they have mental health difficulties, therefore awareness is required Census Reporter, n.d). When it comes to the health needs of teenagers and young people, I have seen that there are very few established and proposed initiatives that seek to reach out to them and ensure their safety in terms of their health, and even what to do in cases of mental illness. While there are facilities in place, awareness is crucial, and from my own experience and knowledge from the field, this is something that is lacking.
Key Informant Interview

Must be with a person working with the public. Preferably an expert in their field.

· What is your role in the community?

· How long have your worked in this community?

· Based on your area of expertise, what issues are a concern in the community?

· How is this specific at-risk population in this community struggling right now?

· What do you feel the strengths and weaknesses of your community are related to this at-risk population?


In this situation, I selected to interview a healthcare professional who specializes in counselling. The informant’s responsibility in the community is to reach out to the community and educate them about mental health. The primary informant in this case has worked in Madisonville for almost 30 years in various agencies and healthcare organizations. According to the informant, some of the concerns that affect the community and notably young mental adults and teenagers health include social media usage. Many teens and young adults have been engrossed in various social media platforms, exposing them to many factors influencing their mental health.

Teenagers and young adults are presently grappling with social media awareness and mental health because ensuring that they are safeguarded from the bad impacts of social media has become a very big concern. The monetization of social media information, notably bullying and other unpleasant things, is a challenge that teens and young people face.

According to the key informant, one of the community’s strengths is its willingness to band together to assist the greater population in their activities. In assisting teens and young adults, the community’s cohesiveness is a strength. However, one of the community’s weaknesses is in controlling teens’ and young adults’ usage of social media.





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