Briefly restate the patient’s condition and problems and how the nursing interventions can benefit the patient’s health

Briefly restate the patient’s condition and problems and how the nursing interventions can benefit the patient’s health

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Essay Case : Adult following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Balloon Angioplasty and Intracoronary Stent
Michael is a 56 year old male who has returned to the high dependency acute cardiac care unit following a Balloon Angioplasty and insertion of an Intracoronary Stent.

He has a history of Type 2 Non-insulin dependent diabetes and manages this with Metformin. He is on telemetry and is to lie flat for 3 hours post procedure. The

femoral artery sheath was removed in theatre, the site compressed and an opsite dressing applied to the site on his left inguinal region. He is currently on half

hourly circulation observations. He has an IV of 0.9% Sodium Chloride (1L) / 24 hourly infusing. His initial return to ward observations were HR 80/min, RR 18/min,

BP 120/80, Temp 36.9°C. When you perform your next set of observations 30 minutes later Michael’s observations are HR 110/min, RR 20/min, BP 100/70 and Temp 37° C.

He reports that he has pain in his groin and has a pain score of 4/10. He also says “I really want to pee but I can’t while I’m lying down.” His feet and hands feel

pale, clammy and cool. You lift up the sheet to inspect the catheter site and there is a large pool of fresh blood all over the sheet under Michael and a visible

leakage from the site.

Once you have selected:
There are at least three (3) priority problems that the patient is experiencing currently. List three priority problems you have identified from the above data and

history. For each problem identified, list as many nursing interventions as you have discovered in your research of the literature. Include a one to two line rationale

for each intervention. Submit this one page list with your essay.
Please be aware that the main focus should be the essay itself and not this one page list which is essentially a map or plan of your thinking about the case. We have

asked for this page as sometimes students choose incorrect priority problems so this page will allow us to see if it was a problem with identification or

prioritisation. As with any academic writing it should be referenced and you can include these references in your main essay reference list. Your main focus should be

the essay.
For your essay, you must prioritise the problems you identified and select the two highest priority problems from your list.

The 2000- word essay

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