Australia’s health and healthcare challenges

Australia’s health and healthcare challenges

The next Australian government will face significant challenges in healthcare funding and delivery. Changes in demography and disease patterns as the population ages and the burden of chronic illness grows are causing these challenges. Increasing medical advancement costs and the need to ensure comprehensive, efficient, and transparent processes for evaluating health technologies; Health workforce supply and distribution issues; Concerns about the quality and safety of healthcare services; Uncertainty about how to best balance the public and private sectors in the delivery and financing of health services; Recognizing the importance of investing more in our children’s health; The role of urban planning in creating healthy and sustainable communities; and Recognizing that achieving health equity, particularly for Indigenous Australians, necessitates more than just providing health care services.

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Finding effective and long-term solutions will require a consultative approach to determining the nation’s priority health problems and designing the health system that will best address them; bureaucratic and fiscal responsibility issues can follow.

Australia's health and healthcare challenges

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