Assignment: Database Design Project Essay

Assignment: Database Design Project Essay

Assignment: Database Design Project Essay

Presently, the health care system is increasingly revolving and significant changes are experienced in the health care delivery. Above all, the need for quality care provision in healthcare including accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of the care services is increasingly becoming an area of concern. Health providers, patients, researchers, and policy makers often report frustrations in their pursuit for quality healthcare (Akachi et al., 2016). Generally, there are confidence issues in different quality-related health care aspects such as outcomes, quality, effectiveness, cost, and appropriateness for various population segments, settings, and services. Consequently, there is need to establish a clinical data system to address the quality measures of health care provision. In particular, quality metrics that the database will address include hospital readmissions, mortality, data transparency, timeliness of care, safety of care, and effectiveness of care. The data design will be essential in tracking quality measures to ensure provision of quality health care to patients.

Definition of Terms

Data- Connotes the information regarding a specific issue. In the present, it is the information about quality measurement in healthcare.

Database design– Refers to a compilation of processes that foster the crafting, development, execution, and maintenance of the organizational data management systems.

Quality Measurement- Refers to the basis for evaluating possible improvements in the quality of healthcare.

Database Users and Competencies

The quality requirements constitute the scope of their responsibility. In particular, managers have both moral and legal duty to ensure patients receive high quality care, patient safety, and to improve care provision. Essentially, managers are better placed to ensure policy, system, organizational climate, and procedures that can improve quality of health (Parand, Dopson, Renz & Vincent, 2014). On the other side, health care providers have the obligation of providing care, hence, they are vital targets of the database design. The required competencies include computer literacy and being well conversant with quality measurement requirements in health care.

Information to be Compiled and Report Generated

The information that the users will compile include all information relating to quality measurement in the healthcare setting. Besides, the information about outcome measures and tools used to calculate hospital quality including readmissions, mortality, effectiveness of care, safety of care, data transparency, timeliness of care, and patient experience. The database should generate

Assignment Database Design Project Essay
Assignment Database Design Project Essay

reports that address the essence of developing accurate and authentic data reports for the purpose of facilitate internal quality improvement and external public data exposure. The report generated should also assist health care professionals to measure and reduce gaps within the healthcare (Hummel & Evans, 2016). Generating these reports is important in managing the key indicators of tactical importance to the healthcare organization and also used to inform decisions on the areas of success or failure which the organization ought to emphasize.

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Goals and Objectives

The major goal of creating this database system is to promote efficiency in providing quality clinical services by using information technology. On the other hand, the objective of the database system is to simplify the processes in the health care settings by applying database systems that can generate and address quality measurement issues. Taken together, the goals and objectives affect the data model by providing a blueprint to streamline database design and also help in maintaining and enhancing the system in the future. To achieve these goals and objectives, the following steps will apply:

Identifying the project implementation team to ensure successful project management and implementation
Extensively engaging the database users in the project
Providing effective communication and training on the use of the system
Ensuring proper maintenance and upgrading of the system

There are potentially numerous barriers in the effort to meet the goals and objectives of the database system. Some of the barriers include inadequate expertise in systematic collection, performance data collection, and evaluation data. Besides, there is likelihood of poor clinician engagement and provision of inadequate resources to support the database development. Moreover, there is a possibility for resistance to adopt the system (Ackah et al., 2017). Essentially, the database system needs computer literacy and it is likely that many healthcare providers may not posses such skills.


The successful implementation of the project implies enhanced documentation and IT systems in clinical practices that is essential in easing the collection and evaluation of huge information stored in the organization. Implementing the system will also ensure efficiency in the operations of the organization. Essentially, the project is indispensable if the health care setting is intending to prevent the barriers health care providers encounter in providing quality care. In particular, the project will be useful where the facility offers health care to many patients and also provides an array of health care services. Finally, the system can be created in a flexible manner that facilitates efficient operation and involving little handiness, thus, making it operationally feasible. Besides, the database will be economically feasible since the implementation of the system will be a lasting investment, with more benefits that outweighs the costs. The resulting quality improvement will attract more clients to the facility, thus, ensuring more returns.

The Database Design Project consists of several assignments that are due in various topics throughout the course. For this project, students will design and develop a database that can be used to compile and report clinical data related to either quality measures or pharmaceutical products and utilization. The proposal is the initial step of this assignment.

Create a 500-750-word proposal outlining the following:

Statement of the project problem and definition of terms.
Identify your users (personnel/credentials): Who are they? What are their competencies?
Discuss the information data users need to compile for the proposed system and the types of reports the proposed system should be able to generate and why.
Based on your response to #3, articulate the project goals and objectives for the database design and how they affect the data model.
Identify the steps you will take to meet the goals and objectives.
Forecast any potential problems or barriers to meeting the project goals and objectives. Are there any specific assumptions that need to be made?
Conclude with the value of the project with emphasis on feasibility, necessity, usefulness, and the benefit of the expected results.

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