Assessment of the manic state in a patient

 Assessment of the manic state in a patient


Here’s what we said about nursing essay assistance: According to the article, the following items are likely to be included in a manic state assessment in a patient with bipolar disorder: An assessment of the manic condition


Although the evaluation of a patient with bipolar disorder can vary, it usually includes the following.

(1) a review of previous episodes;

(2) the nature of alcohol and drug abuse;

(3) a family history of bipolar disorder;

(4) your existing work situation; and, as previously stated,

(5) Assessment of personality traits.

The severity and kind of mania present must be determined. A thorough and precise diagnostic can easily dispel common beliefs regarding mania, such as that it is a milder form of bipolar affective illness. This is necessary if the best course of treatment is to be provided. An assessment of the manic condition

The manic condition has been seen as desirable by many people throughout history. Manic people have long been seen as gods or goddesses and venerated as such. The manic phase, on the other hand, is now widely linked to bipolar affective illness (1,2). Prognosis is aided by the quantity of information gleaned from a clinical evaluation in terms of degree of functioning during euthymia and mania. An assessment of the manic condition

After a two-week period of mood fluctuations, a patient with likely bipolar disorder appears at your clinic. The patient was somewhat depressed before becoming manic and disruptive. He’s had racing thoughts, spending binges, hypersexual behavior, and insomnia, to name a few symptoms.




 Assessment of the manic state in a patient

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