A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.

A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.

A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.


What is so difficult to choose a career? The truth is that many people mainly choose the business they spent during their lifetime. Or just because they are afraid of the difficulties and obstacles they will encounter through their way. Many students choose regular occupations, such as working with nurses, doctors, mechanics and petrol stations. It all depends on where and when students decide to attend college and where they are looking for degrees. Being a mental health nurse will be a good choice as it works.A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.


People who prefer nursing or mental health problems may want to consider themselves as mentally problematic mental health practitioners. These mental health experts can diagnose and evaluate the mental health needs of various patients. They usually do not treat more serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder but treat treatment for patients with less serious mental health problems such as depression and stress related problems We can offer. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2014 psychiatrists earn approximately $ 180,000 per year. However, many psychiatrists do not treat their patients, mainly focusing on psychopharmacologic treatment of psychological problems. Also, the way to become a psychiatrist is long. First, after a medical preliminary investigation, those who wish to become psychiatrists must spend years at the medical department. Later, they have to spend about four years’ stay to specialize in psychiatry.A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.

Mental health practitioners are undergoing special training to care for people with mental illness. They work with psychiatrists and general practitioners to review the mental health status of people, monitor drug treatment, and provide information on mental health status and treatment. Some people received psychotherapy training. Approved mental health social worker specializes in mental health and treats it. Many people register with Medicare and offer targeted psychological strategies such as CBT, IPT, relaxation training, psychological education, interpersonal skill training. Mentally recognized mental health social workers support various people’s recovery and help them manage or change situations that may lead to mental health, to help them cooperate with different theories and I will treat you.A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.

Mental and mental health care is a unique nursing profession dedicated to promoting the mental health of our customers. Psychiatric mental health nurse cooperates with clients to manage mental illness. – Mental health seminar courses taught for MSc in social work have a good theme and require complex dialogue on current mental health trends. The recovery model is culturally sensitive and provides a unique approach to empower many participants in the mental health field. As Cohen (2005) discusses failed medical models, many participants are often stigmatized and poorly diagnosed and treated.A Career in Mental Health Nursing Essay.

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